Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

How to get professional SMT assembly at a low price

PCB assembly is one of the most critical steps to ensure a working device. If your design is well made, all component is in place, assembly and soldering is a big step to working prototype. Unless you are a hobbyist or small startup, assembly is usually performed in a fab house, with the proper equipment and trained personnel. Modern electronics deals mainly with SMT parts that are getting smaller and smaller. A human can hardly manage manual work with such tiny components. Most of the job is done automatically with pick and place machines. Continue reading

How to Determine the Number of Layers in a PCB? Steps & Factors Determining PCB Layers!

Several different types of printed circuit board assembly would like to meet the product’s needs, including single-sided, multi-layer, and even flexible boards. These circuit boards indeed have a unique number of layers that add to their design, making them suitable for various tasks. It can be challenging to determine the layers in a PCB, but we’re here to help you learn the basics so you can determine the number of layers in a PCB! A printed circuit board may have a single layer of dielectric and several layers of conductive materials. As these layers are connected, they bear electrical circuits that are often related. Printed circuit board distribution design determines the number of layers and their dimensions. Continue reading

How to get most of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs?

Almost since day one, one or another type of PCB was a necessary component in electronics. Earlier it was used as mechanical support where electronics components were attached and wired separately. Later from being only mechanical support, PCBs started providing electrical connectivity. Modern rigid PCBs are more than mechanical support and connectivity. They can integrate electronic components such as antennas, inductors resistors and capacitors. Modern PCBs are designed to spread thermal energy to keep parts cool. In some cases, PCBs are used as design elements, front and back panels. Rigid PCBs dominates because of their manufacturing simplicity, low cost and high demand. Modern electronics have changed significantly with the increasing demand for small, sophisticated and yet efficient devices. Small devices tend to have weird shapes and are packed with loads of electronics where conventional rigid PCBs start failing to fill this niche as is it cannot be bent, or be layered on top of each other without increasing thickness of device size. Earlier flex PCBs were used moderately in the limited number of applications due to increased expenses of limited… Continue reading

Great deals at PCBWay shopping festival 2020

Pandemic forced us to spend more time at home or work. We can spend additional spare time with our family, work on various projects, and learn new skills. The Christmas period also comes with great sales where you can get great deals on planned goods and services. As usual, PCBway is organizing a big sale as Christmas shopping festival 2020 where you can get lots of great deals and gifts. During this extraordinary period from 2nd to 31 December, you can celebrate the event with PCBWay and receive many advantages. Let’s break out the benefits of the shopping festival. Continue reading

Assembling PCBs with Automated Surface-Mount Technology

Manufacturing printed circuit boards can be time-consuming unless you are a turn-key manufacturer. There is a way to speed up the process by using automated surface-mount technology (SMT). This type of technology automates the process of applying components and using through-hole technology to create PCBs. Continue reading

PCBWay is calling to celebrate 6th anniversary with plenty of gifts for everyone

PCBWay is great PCB manufacturer not only that they provide a full spectrum of services including designing, prototyping and assembling boards of any type. They are always offering the best competitive pricing along with high quality. Check out their services on the main website where you can instantly quote pricing for prototyping, an assembly including flexible, rigid-flex and advanced PCBs. PCBWay is also famous for its community. Everyone including clients, enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals gather to share projects, help spread knowledge and earn loyalty points so-called Beans that can be spent on gifts in the form of basic modules or complete microcontroller boards. There are plenty of chances to make Beans as PCBWay regularly organizes events, design contests and celebrations, where members can accumulate rewards fast. Continue reading