Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

How to get most of Flex and Rigid-Flex PCBs?

Almost since day one, one or another type of PCB was a necessary component in electronics. Earlier it was used as mechanical support where electronics components were attached and wired separately. Later from being only mechanical support, PCBs started providing electrical connectivity. Modern rigid PCBs are more than mechanical support and connectivity. They can integrate electronic components such as antennas, inductors resistors and capacitors. Modern PCBs are designed to spread thermal energy to keep parts cool. In some cases, PCBs are used as design elements, front and back panels. Rigid PCBs dominates because of their manufacturing simplicity, low cost and high demand. Modern electronics have changed significantly with the increasing demand for small, sophisticated and yet efficient devices. Small devices tend to have weird shapes and are packed with loads of electronics where conventional rigid PCBs start failing to fill this niche as is it cannot be bent, or be layered on top of each other without increasing thickness of device size. Earlier flex PCBs were used moderately in the limited number of applications due to increased expenses of limited… Continue reading

Five Best Alternatives to WhatsApp

WhatsApp Messenger is owned by Facebook and is today one of the most prevalent messaging apps. It is globally used for communication by people of all age groups. The good thing about WhatsApp is that the company releases new features now and then, which is why its prevalence and dominance in the market. When the app is so popular, why would anyone switch from it and look for alternatives? WhatsApp recently updated its privacy policy, and a lot of users are not happy with this change. As per their new privacy policy, they handle (read use) your private information within Facebook’s family of products and applications. With this policy, it is quite apparent that the company does collect a lot of the telemetry data from your device. This is something that many WhatsApp users find unacceptable, and as a result, seek alternatives. Here, we will list some of WhatsApp’s best alternatives that you can use in 2021.  Signal Signal is a free communication application with potent encryption. It is compatible with all mobile platforms, and just like other communication platforms,… Continue reading

The Impact of Real-Time Integration

We live in a world of instant gratification and quick turnarounds. You don’t want to wait for solutions, you want to have the best answers right away. Whether you are dealing with your social life or business, you’re looking for immediate results. Because of this overall attitude, it is more important than ever for businesses to keep up. If you are running a company or an enterprise, you need to find ways to create a customer experience that is full of automation and quick, efficient business processes to stay on track with the rest of the industry. One of the best ways to stay on top of things is with integration software programs and analytics. You have so much data coming in constantly. You can’t get behind or spend your valuable time trying to figure out how to process different data silos. Integrated platforms offer can be the design answer for all your premise applications and complicated processing needs. By integrating your data, you are setting yourself up for real-time data processing that will lead to greater customer satisfaction. Integration… Continue reading

14 Big Data Cloud Computing Companies To Know

Big data refers to retrieving a good amount of difficult data from different sources and analyzing them to find the exact matters, problems, and solutions for the clients. Regardless of the size of the companies, data is an important aspect. But it is too huge to get handled with limited resources and human resources. Here is where the exact cloud solutions offered by trustworthy companies enter to help. For the last decade, we have seen rapid trend increases in the number of parties who offer appropriate and accurate business and corporate solutions—one of the most renowned. Continue reading

How the latest gadgets have helped during the covid-19 shutdown?

Governments and businesses have adopted sweeping initiatives across the globe to mitigate the symptoms of the novel coronavirus. If the community comes together digitally and flatten the trajectory of the infection of COVID-19, companies must brace themselves for the effects of these tough times. As customers change their habits and nest at home, media intake, internet shopping sites, and digital wellness applications have seen upswings in usage. In the meantime, preferences for household consumption, overwhelmed by economic uncertainty, may influence the success of other areas of technology. Continue reading

Grow Your Business By Paying Just The Price Of a Website

Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or an established one, the thing that sets you apart is your professional approach to the market. In this digital age, people always trust the firms that have a credible website. It should have a friendly user-interface, clear mention of services offered, and also honest reviews.  When your customers trust your website, your business automatically takes a giant leap. Gone are the days of word of mouth. A professional website is today’s best marketing tool.  Continue reading