Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

IIoT and RFID For Effective Asset Management

Suppose you need to organize and administrate a lot of different products, items, etc. You’ll be happy to know that software development companies have an answer. For too long have we been drowning in piles of paper? And thanks to modern advancements, we won’t ever need to go back. With RFID and IIOT software, we can monitor all the resources we have on hand and which ones will need to be resupplied. A little confused? Don’t worry about it! Just read on and things will become clearer. Continue reading

An Overview of Social Media Use for Small Businesses

We all know that people spend more and more time scrolling through their social media accounts on their smartphones these days. It will be no exaggeration to say that the various social media platforms have become the center of attracting traffic. It is where customers look up companies if they are interested in buying a product or service. This indeed is a big catch for business owners, who are paying more attention towards social media marketing, especially for small businesses, since various social media platforms are also free of cost to use and engage with potential customers. Not only that, what makes social media a powerful platform for lead generation is the diverse and massive audience you get to target, engage with, and build better brand awareness. Of course, as a small business owner, you can make the most out of it only with the help of a high speed and reliable internet connection like RCN internet to enjoy seamless connectivity all the time. With the power of a sound and secure internet connection, the sky is the limit to… Continue reading

How to find the internet that fits your needs?

There are many internet service providers in the United States. You can find some of the best internet service providers in your area, but you need to configure which internet service provider has it all for you. To find out which internet provider will suit you best, you need to see if they offer the internet speed that you are looking for; for example, the maximum internet speed offered by AT&T is 100 Mbps, but you might need a higher one. It would be best if you also found out about the options for packages and promotions offered by different ISP’s and, most importantly, the customer service. In terms of customer service, Spectrum is an ISP that offers spectrum customer service around the clock, which explains their strong base of over 60 million users around the US. Continue reading

How to Record High-Quality Audio on Your Phone

With a smartphone in your pocket, you’ll always have a video and audio recorder available. Capturing audio on your phone can help you conduct interviews, create a spontaneous podcast, record a lecture, or greatly expand your home audio library. Read more on appslikethese.  In all of these scenarios, poor audio quality can derail your efforts. If you’re trying to transcribe an interview, you might miss words or phrases. If you’re sharing music with buddies, listeners will be disappointed by the low volume or annoying background noise. The same goes for filming videos – if you don’t want distorted sounds to ruin your recordings or edited clips, make quality audio. Continue reading

Is Your Home Wi-Fi Secure

If you have Wi-Fi in your home, don’t think you aren’t vulnerable because it’s a private network. Even though the network is encrypted, you’re still exposed to cybersecurity threats. It’s important to understand information security risks and some ways to protect your network from these potential risks. What Is Information Security? Information security is the damage that a cyber-security breach can cause to your company. Information security risk can be classified in monetary and non-monetary terms. Monetary terms measure the financial effects of a breach on your company’s assets. Non-monetary terms measure the reputational, political, legal, and strategic implications of a cyber-security breach. Continue reading

How to make money as a software developer

While choosing a career, a student should always consider the job opportunities available before taking a decision. Experts have indicated that the demand for software developers in almost all countries is likely to grow rapidly in the next few decades. Hence trained software developers will find it easy to find jobs that pay well. However, most jobs and other professional opportunities must complete training and get certification from a reputed organization. For the programming course, the student usually has to do homework and complete assignments. Often there are some aspects of the assignment which the student does not understand. Often there are some back doors in the software or other aspects which are not documented. It is also difficult to find the information required online, using search engines, forums, social media or other websites. Students lead a hectic life, so instead of wasting time, the student can get help from programminggeeks, which offers programming assignment help. Assistance is offered for different types of programming like website design technology, mathematical programming, developer tools, app development, machine programming and embedded tools. Continue reading