Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Is Coronavirus affecting PCB manufacturing in China?

There is no doubt that Coronavirus in one of the top priority disasters worldwide. It was first reported on 31 December 2019, and since then it has been a number one news over the world. If we do not feel its existence from remote countries such as Europe or the US, it doesn’t mean it does not affect us. If not directly, then economically or in other ways. First of all, you may face a limitation of travelling. The potential virus spreading threat has influenced travelling plans. It is still advised not to travel to China and its neighbouring countries until the infection is not contained. There are also some rumours that virus is affecting mailing services from chine warehouses. Even if special precautions are taken to disinfect and control… Continue reading

Do you love electronics? – take a chance on PCBWay 3rd design contest

Designing and building electronics devices is not a single person matter anymore.  Even if you have a great idea of a new device or functionality, you may not be noticed by other people simply because you will not reach the right audience. The key to success is a community which ensures that everyone with similar interests gets their chance to share and get feedback on what they are working on. PCBWay has been active in organizing different contest and events centred around the community, which is the main driving force in long term success. PCBWay has a great understanding that sharing and active community enrollment is the most significant power to succeed in business and future strategies. Continue reading

5 Tips to Protect Your Home Wireless Network from Hackers

With 4.3 internet-enabled devices per person in use nationwide, it’s more important than ever to protect your home network from hackers – especially since many connected devices lack the robust anti-malware protection used on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. But you don’t have the advantage of an IT support staff to call on when it’s your home network or personal devices at risk. And with cyber attacks getting more sophisticated, it’s no longer enough to simply install an antivirus program on each separate device and call it a day. No, your home network security has to get more sophisticated to keep up with advances in cybercrime strategies and techniques. You need a secure gateway and network that hackers can’t get into – or at least one that will prove so challenging… Continue reading

5 tips to optimize clinic appointment scheduling

Combined with proper treatment, having excellent service right at the reception can make your clinic a reference in the health area. Optimizing the appointment schedule at the clinic has indisputable benefits. The practice improves the routine of doctors and receptionists, reduces the burden on professionals, increases confidence and is capable of producing patient loyalty. No patient likes to arrive at the office and have to wait for hours to be seen. The disorganization in the appointment schedule can cause this type of discomfort, generate dissatisfaction in the patients of your clinic and even make them look for another professional. So that you do not suffer from these problems, we have separated 5 tips to optimize this practice. Continue reading and promote excellent care for your patients! Continue reading

How to manage a gym effectively

Managing a gym effectively must be a continuous process, which cannot end with the enthusiasm of the inauguration but which, indeed, it is necessary to maintain overtime to make itself known and to see its customers increase. But how do you go about maximizing your profits? And what strategies to use to gain visibility and to reach an ever-increasing customer base? In this article, we present you with 5 simple ways to manage a gym at its best and increase its turnover. Continue reading