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How Do You Prove Roundup Caused Your Cancer?

Research published in 2019 showed a clear connection between Roundup and Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL). This meta-analysis of weedkiller studies led scientists to conclude a 40% increased risk of cancer for workers with heavy exposure to glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup.  If you think you developed NHL from using Roundup, you could benefit from speaking to a Roundup cancer lawyer.  Continue reading

How Vitalia Medspa Can Help Revitalize Your Mind and Body

A lot of people see the benefits of having a healthier lifestyle, hence, they vow to eat a balanced diet, avoid stress, lessen alcohol consumption, stop smoking, and exercise regularly, however never get serious about it. Enrolling yourself in Vitalia Medspa, a mind and body spa is one best way to start a new and better way of living. Health spas are created to revitalize and heal the mind and body. There are numerous health spas across the world that provide you a specialized opportunity to have yourself away from the real world and unwind in an environment that introduces you to a healthier lifestyle. Medspa offers a multitude of health education, food diets, meditation, yoga, fasting, detox, and spa treatments all of which help promote good health, weight loss, and aid with medical conditions like chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, and various other diseases. Continue reading

Is First-Aid Training Compulsory for Home Health Aides?

The caregiving role played by home health aides Home health aides play a crucial role in ensuring that elderly citizens enjoy good health and overall well-being. These senior people may be suffering from a debilitating illness or may be disabled due to an injury, but they prefer to live their lives independently. Home health aides are there to support such people. Their typical role as caregivers involves changing bandages, administering medications on time, doing grocery shopping and paying monthly utility bills. Home health aides are involved in the most intimate aspects of their patients’ lives compared to other healthcare workers. However, these caregivers are generally not supervised. Since home health aides are required to ensure the holistic health and well-being of senior citizens, they must maintain caution while delivering their services. Any negligence on their part could cause them to face a lawsuit from the patient or his or her family. That’s when they should consider getting a home health liability insurance to cover their businesses. Continue reading