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Communication with Hearing Impaired: Dos and Don’ts

Hearing impairment is one of the alarming conditions in today’s century. It snatches away a person’s ability to hear. Therefore, the person faces tremendous challenges to take part in social situations actively. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 422 million people worldwide face hearing difficulties. What’s more, the number is only increasing day by day. The problem gets worse with the increase in age. Therefore the retired citizens who are already pretty detached from social activities face the bulk of the problem. This article will discuss various challenges a deaf or hard of hearing person faces and how to communicate with them effectively. Continue reading

5 Natural Herbs To Consider For A Healthy Lifestyle

Every ailment such as cold, cough, headache, body pain has ready-made doctor-prescribed medication. Booking diagnostic tests and getting medicines is just a click and call away. The harsh pandemic has increased our dependence on OTC drugs for symptom relief. Inactive lifestyle, poor sleep, and at-home culture are increasing our stress and making us unhealthier. You may love to grow mint and cinnamon in your garden, but have you ever considered using them for your health protection? Natural herbs not only make your food tastier but also boost your health. Medicinal plants have curative properties with no side effects. With the global citizens facing severe health problems from Coronavirus, it is important to adopt a preventative health approach for our combined safety. Let us know about some popular herbs that look after us and protect our health. Continue reading

The relationship between anxiety and sleeping habits

Anxiety has become very common for most of us. Since it is widespread, some cannot identify if the anxiety or sleeping habits cause sleeplessness. Drugs for anxiety and insomnia are available online these days, helping people become more complacent in acquiring. In OneHealthScore, you can buy these in a click, even without thinking about it thoroughly. Even though taking Ambien to sleep can help sometimes, the misconception should be put right. This article will help you identify which is which. Severe sleep disturbances and a sleep disorder have long been recognized as typical symptoms of hysteria disorders. People that are troubled with worry typically ruminate regarding their considerations in bed, and this anxiety in the dark will keep them from falling asleep. Continue reading

Red Light Therapy and Fat Cells: The Relationship

Regarding weight loss, numerous individuals battle with keeping up the important sound way of life to lose fat. Others figure out how to get in shape; however, they battle with difficult fat areas that stay regardless of their diet and exercise. In these cases, numerous patients go-to weight loss pills or medical procedures to accomplish the ideal loss of fat. Lamentably, these techniques accompany wellbeing dangers and results. Red light therapy, otherwise called photobiomodulation, gives a protected, non-obtrusive choice to address undesirable fat. Continue reading

6 Skills That Help Medical Workers Deal with Problematic Patients

Regardless of your job description or position in the healthcare industry, you will have to deal with challenging patients at one point or another. And, unfortunately, that is one of the most significant downsides of working in healthcare. As a physician, nurse, or anyone else, all patient interactions will differ. And working in the same position may desensitize you to the point where you treat your patients as, well, only patients. You do one thing over and over again, and it gets programmed into your brain. At times, healthcare workers are so indulged in their tasks that they are not mindful of a patient’s mood or behavior. So, how can you deal with complex patients? How do you conduct yourself during such interactions? Continue reading

5 Reasons You Should Not Eat Big to Get Big

Back in the day, a common belief that is followed by many to this day is to eat big to get big. This means that you should gain as much weight as you can and as fast as you can. Called dirty bulking, this led to extra fat gain.  Also, this was considered the result of building muscle. All in all, the focus was gaining weight and eating big to get big. However, things are not the same anymore. They have changed considerably since. Nowadays, people think smart, train smarter and eat even smarter. You should know that this methodology no longer works. Why? Continue reading to know the 5 reasons you should not be following this mantra of eating big to get big. Continue reading