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The cons and pros of using Flexible PCBs design

When we speak of PCBs, we imagine a rigid board with components. In more complex electronics PCBs may be stacked on top of each other of interconnected with wires. However, the geometry of rigid boards in many cases define the shape of electronics devices. If devices are significant such as TVs, computers, then rigid boards find their place. However, even large devices become limited by rigidity. If you try to disassemble a modern TV or another device, you will find that not all boards are rigid. For instance, an LCD display is using a flexible printed circuit (FPC) and a flexible flat cable (FFC), which can be conveniently bent without taking much space. This allows laptop screens to be so thin. In modern electronics circuit boards can find their place regarding the shape and size of the device. Smartphones are stuffed with flexible circuits – cameras, speakers, batteries, displays are connected using FFC. Emerging folding smartphones have even tighter FPC fit. Flexible printed circuits usually mimic the rigid boards – the only difference is the base material used. Instead of… Continue reading

Spend your accumulated Beans at PCBWay gift shop

As you may already know, PCBWay fab house is not only a great PCB manufacturer offering a wide variety of services including PCB prototype, assembly and design of any board types, but also a viable community. They are building a strong friendship with PCBWay customers by organizing multiple shopping events, festivals and sponsorships. During each event, members can earn many benefits in terms of prizes, Beans (points equivalent to cache), rewards and ability to position their projects in Bazaar. If you are an active PCBWay customer and regularly order PCBs, earning Beans becomes easy. During seasonal festivals and contests, you may accumulate Beans really fast. They are currently running a 3rd design contest from October 2019 till 25 April 2020. And you can benefit a lot by submitting your project to participate. The steps are simple: Continue reading