Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Why predictive maintenance will revolutionize the industry?

According to a study by McKinsey, predictive maintenance will save businesses $ 630 billion by 2025. These savings will be made possible by several factors. First, a reduction in maintenance costs of 10 to 40%. Then reduce the number of breakdowns by half. Finally, by decreasing the amount invested in new machines by 3 to 5% by increasing the life of existing machines.

It is, therefore, a bright future promised by the famous consulting firm to the world of industry. But if predictive maintenance brings a break from what is done today, it is first necessary to study the most widespread maintenance strategies today. Continue reading

How to Find a Reliable Flexible Circuit Board Manufacturer | WELLPCB


Are you in the process of designing your next product? We are sure you want to get every detail right, which is why you can benefit from a flexible PCB. These boards are bendy and capable of accommodating any design. However, you should ensure to pick a reliable, flexible printed circuit board manufacturers, and that is not always an easy task. Take a look at this simple but informative guide on flexible PCBs, and learn how to pick the right company to order from today. Continue reading

Review of conventional betting systems and strategies

If you ever placed a bet, you probably know that achieving success is more than luck. Things like researching sport, reviewing bankroll and controlling emotions are key factors that may give a significant advantage while laying bets. Obviously, there always are newcomers who manage to get lucky some times, but in a longer perspective, the systematic approach is much more effective. Anyway, there is no guaranteed success on any strategy, but statistics are better towards the usage of mindful systems. You may even look for betting apps that support one or another betting strategy. This way it becomes much easier to track and improve your progress. No matter which sport you are choosing to bet on, there many strategies and systems may help to manage the budget and more likely… Continue reading

No Upfront Cost Mobile Phones 2019

You will come across different options when purchasing a mobile phone. Today, it is not all about choosing a mobile brand or determining whether you need unlimited texts and minutes with your phone contracts. There are very many choices that can help you save money on your preferred deal. But for you to take advantage of these options, you will need to understand the jargon in use. For instance, there is a need to differentiate between no upfront cost and an upfront cost. New models will require the customer to part with some money up front before they can get their hands on the device. Older models, on the other hand, will often come with no upfront cost. They may also provide you with a cashback opportunity or a chance… Continue reading

What careers are there in the digital marketing space?

digital marketer

A career in digital marketing is not like being a lawyer, doctor or accountant. Being in the digital marketing space involves a lot of varied disciplines that are incredibly exciting as they bring with them new opportunities and ways of conceptualising the objectives that you set for your company. Have a look at this article to see what we mean! Digital copywriter Digital marketing would not exist unless there is copy to build a campaign around. This text needs to tell the company’s story so well that new customers will buy from you and returning customers will buy again. This makes the digital copywriter a fundamental cog in the digital marketing machine because he or she is responsible for creating the content  that drives the various campaigns that take place.… Continue reading

A sneak peek at PCBway manufacturer – from ordering to sample

PCBway landing page

I have decided to try a different PCB manufacturer that offers competitive pricing – PCBway. First, let us look at the site’s landing page. Right off the bat, we can see the instant quote widget and the latest offering on flexible PCBs. Before we check their more advanced PCB offerings let’s look at the basic PCB fabrication, and also check into how competitive is their pricing, how fast the shipping is and most importantly how good their PCBs are. We have already seen the landing screen now let us register get our sample PCBs! Click on Join Free and fill in the form below – just make sure your email is correct. Continue reading