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How Could the Internet of Things Revolutionize Online Slots?

The Internet of Things has already proven that it can work wonders for embedded electronics. The IoT relies on a network of embedded systems that work holistically to achieve a higher goal. There are a lot of challenges as the industry moves forward – to ensure the user interface is simple, that power usage is low enough, and that consumers’ data is safe and secure when using the network of embedded electronics. One such industry that requires all of these challenges to be met is the online casino industry. Could the IoT usher in a new generation of online slots? Continue reading

Content Is The Primary Element That Will Gain More Instagram Likes

Content is everything in social media, especially Instagram when you use it for your business marketing purposes. Instagram is the largest professional network in social and business advertising, being second to Facebook in popularity. The platform has the potential to: Grow and generate more business Create better and more effective social campaigns Generate leads and conversion Drive more organic website traffic and Build better brand awareness. With more than a billion active monthly users on this platform every month, the complicated task of reaching out to more and more target audiences is made easy and with higher results and returns. It benefits both the business as well as the consumers in making decisions. Continue reading

Sports Betting: Tactics to Help You Manage Your Bankroll

One of the cornerstones of successful sports betting is the effective management of your bankroll or the funds in your gambling account. The primary aim is to ensure that your overall betting strategy is designed around an increasing amount of money that you have available to bet with. Thus, the question that needs careful consideration is: How do you manage your bankroll? Or in other words, what tactics can you use to ensure that there is always money in your gaming account? Continue reading

Why Online Sports Betting?

Do you enjoy a little flutter in your favourite sports team? Or, are in interested in making a career out of sports betting? If so, are you aware that there are online sports betting companies or bookmakers as well as the usual brick and mortar betting agencies? These questions are valid and deserve a considered answer. However, before we look at the benefits of choosing an online bookmaker as opposed to a brick and mortar place, let’s consider a succinct definition of sports betting as opposed to other forms of gambling like poker, blackjack, and other casino games. Continue reading

Top Tips to Ensure Successful Sports Betting

“Everything seemed to be going right. On three separate occasions horses on which I’d invested a sizeable amount won by lengths instead of sitting down to rest in the middle of the race, as horses usually do when I’ve got money on them.” –  P.G. Wodehouse, The Inimitable Jeeves Are you interested in embarking on a successful sports betting journey? If so, it is essential to understand the art and science, or the mathematics behind placing successful wagers. Continue reading

Sports Betting: Everything You Need to Know about Entry-Level Sports Betting

Are you considering sports betting as a hobby or as a supplement to your income? If so, do you have an understanding of sports betting strategies and how bookmakers calculate the betting odds that they offer? Sports betting: Hobby or income generation mechanism Statistics show that the global online gambling market was worth $46 billion (USD) in 2017> And, the dollar value is expected to reach $94 billion (USD) in 2024. It must be noted, for accuracy’s sake, that the term “online gambling” includes casino games, poker, and sports betting. Thus, these figures include these three sub-genres as it were. Additionally, these figures show that the industry is large enough to support hobbyists as well as serious gamers who intend making a living from sports betting. The only difference between the two would be your betting strategy. Continue reading