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How Does Turnkey PCB Assembly Decrease Turnaround Time

Manufacturing is a time-sensitive process. Technology changes rapidly, so when you need PCB assembly, turnkey is often the best choice. Why? Because turnkey PCB assembly decreases turnaround time, so you can release your product as quickly as possible.


Turnkey PCB assembly works so quickly because it does not use the traditional methods of PCB assembly. Those traditional methods involve several people and organizations. When you take those hands off of the project, it can get done at a faster clip.

Relying on One Company

When you use a turnkey PCB manufacturer, you are relying on one company to get the job done. This means that all aspects of the process are done under one roof. It removes the need to send a prototype back and forth between the manufacturer and the engineer. It also avoid the waiting time for parts and testing.

One of the slowest steps in traditional PCB assembly is the design process. In the traditional process, the design is not handled in-house. So, the manufacturer has to rely on a designer in a different building, in another city, state, or country. If the design doesn’t work in the way the client wants, then the design has to be returned and reworked. Turnkey PCB manufacturing removes the step because the designer works in the building where the PCB is made.

No Worrying About Shipping Components

Another step of the traditional PCB assembly process that slows the turnaround time is parts acquisition. Traditional PCB assembly involves ordering parts for each project. This requires customers to wait for those parts to arrive, which can be slowed by international shipping issues and production problems.

pcb assembly

Turnkey PCB assembly houses have necessary parts and components already in stock. They have an employee dedicated to keeping components in house. They have streamlined the process so they know what they need before they need it. Their design processes include the components that they use regularly. And if something special is needed, they have developed relationships with parts companies so they can get them immediately.

In-House Production Provides More Consistency

Traditional PCB manufacturing is so slow because the process moves between so many different people and locations. Turnkey PCB manufacturing reduces the number of hands on the PCB board, which actually increases the consistency of the product. This is exactly what you want: a product that arrives quickly with quality and consistency.

Turnkey PCB manufacturing has mastered the steps of producing a quality PCB in a short amount of time. PCB manufacturing involves so many precise steps and several prototypes. Turnkey manufacturers know how to watch the precision, and keep it throughout the process of designing and assembling each board.

Moving from traditional PCB manufacturing to turnkey manufacturing will surprise you. It might seem like it is too good to be true, but it isn’t. Turnkey PCB manufacturing works, and it will save you time from design to PCB prototyping to manufacturing. You won’t be disappointed in the speed and quality of the PCBs.

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