Order PCBs from PCBWay and get a free mask to fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus currently threatens the world, and there are no significant signs of relief. China has been struck the hardest, Italy and other major countries are lining up. China seems that they are taking over the decease, but nothing is over yet. Such improvement is a result of strict means and self-control. According to different sources, the vaccine is in its trial stage, and at best could be delivered in the upcoming months or even later. During this period, the only working method to prevent from spreading decease is self-isolation, hygiene, wearing masks when in public and heavy use of disinfection.

PCBWay masks

However, the total isolation of the world is impossible. Many people still need to work. Professionals such as medics, police, fireman and even salesman must be on duty. Life is going on, and there need to be supplies and order. The best possible protection of those people is crucial. Wearing masks is one of the simplest ways of preventing disease spread. The primary purpose of covers is to protect healthy people from sick ones by blocking the possible spread of the virus when coughing and sneezing.

It appears that the unexpected pandemic situation has caught many countries and people unprepared. The case is getting better, but there is still hard to get masks for regular people. China has accumulated ample supplies of remedies and is ready to help others with materials and experience how to control the COVID-19 virus.

PCBWay is back on track

The companies such as PCBWay are solidarizing in the fighting against the virus. During strict quarantine, they were working with minimal capacity but ensuring that process wouldn’t stop. Customers who have been with PCBWay all the time or new registered are getting a pack of 10 free masks in the next order of PCB. Currently, they stocked up with about 100k of masks, so be sure to make order in time to get one.

PCBWay top services

Their services are getting of full track starting with 1-2 Layer PCB manufacturing in less than 24 hours, PCB assembly and design assistance. The pricing is very competitive, especially for small quantities and sizes:

 Up to 10 pieces of 1-2-layer PCB less than 100mmx100mm manufacturing will cost $5.

Ten pcs of more advanced PCB version using aluminium base sized at 50mmx50mm will cost $26.

PCB assembly service for up to 20 pcs will cost $30.

Pricing and turnaround times are very attractive, even for hobbyists who want to build small batches. There are also no limits for professionals who wish to scale up.

PCBWay spring gifts

There is no difference which service or amount is ordered. Each shipped package will include a pack of free masks and a possible small gift from the gift shop. Amount of all gifts is limited, so be sure not to delay and place your order SAP.

Sharing experience on dealing with COVID-19

If you are looking for:

  • Technical strategies for addressing issues during emergencies.
  • Treatment methods of critically ill.
  • Efficient clinical decision-making support.
  • The best infection management and outpatient clinics practices for critical departments.

Check out Hand Book of COVID-19 Prevention and Treatment.

Be safe. Let’s not give COVID-19 a chance!


  1. Or maybe they should donate the large number to a hospital or emergency services organization instead of blindly giving away for sensationalism.

  2. In the end of the day, they are still a business and this is a way of promoting their services.

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