Traveling To China, Safety, Laws, And Covid-related Issues

China represents one of the oldest civilizations and has a lot to offer its international visitors. For example, it combines various natural, cultural, and mixed heritages such as The Great Wall, The Grand Canal, historic settlements, imperial palaces from different eras, Silk Roads, national parks, fossil sites, and many more. However, with the massive outbreaks of Covid 19 and alongside the majority of countries, China implemented various restrictions for travelers as well. At first, in March of 2020, it closed borders to almost all travelers. Continue reading

How to Identify & Find Rainbow Trout

Have you ever gone fishing and caught a big rainbow trout? This doesn’t happen often, but you can see that capturing a big rainbow trout will be effortless with the tips you see below. Yes! The steps you can see here will ensure you get the best results when fishing for a rainbow trout. But if it is your first time fishing for this type of fish, how do you identify it? Where can you find this fish? Which bait is the best to catch a rainbow trout? What kind of rod should you use? Definitely not a crappie rod! And at what time can you fish it? This and much more information will be in this guide. Continue reading

How To Keep A Cat Out Of A Room

Has your cat developed a sassy behavior? While this is something you can expect from your cats, remember that there are times when you cannot stand them in your room or all over your furniture. Well, it doesn’t mean that you don’t like your fluffy pet just because you want her out of your room (probably your bedroom). There’s an endless list of rational reasons why you want to kick her out of a particular room; even if you have the best cat proof couch cover, they can still destroy them! The lists are numberless, from the latest mannerisms to allergic reactions or a new baby in the house.  To avoid dangerous allergic reactions, one must take care of the diet of their cats. Be it cooked or raw cat food, and it needs to be checked before giving it to the pets. Even with these clear reasons, the biggest dilemma lies in the method you will adopt to ensure that the kitty is out of the room and your relationship remains as perfect as ever. No one wants to… Continue reading

Some Contemporary Home Improvement Trends

Improvement is a never-ending process. You might think of improving something, and when you finally do it, you will see that further improvement is needed after quite some time. But that doesn’t mean you will hold back from improving something, especially when the thing that needs improvement is something fundamental to you, your home, for instance. All of our homes need to go through certain renovations or improvements after living in them for some time, or you might want to improve your home just after buying it or before you want to sell your home. As said earlier, no matter whatever measures you take, your home will always have more room for further improvements. However, you can always go for trending improvement measures to help your home provide you the convenience you are looking for right now. Also, contemporary trends will keep your home trendy enough and give you a feeling of fulfillment and help you keep up with others. Continue reading

The Expat Experience in Cambodia

When people think about Cambodia, the image is often of a nation struggling with poverty and recovering from the Pol Pot regime’s aftermath. It cannot be denied that this country has had more than its share of tragedy and human suffering. But Cambodia is also a country with an opportunity to build a new image for itself. It has a young population, fertile lands, and plenty of resources. Things are getting better for Cambodia, and several multinationals are testing the waters and finding the way forward. Cambodia is a friendly place with great weather, food, and a low cost of living. For some expats, there is no place they would rather be. Continue reading