Tips For A Smooth Move Out Of The US

Moving overseas is a daunting experience as is, but leaving behind the bustling and trendy city of Miami adds to the mellow departure. Nearly 8.7 million Americans live and work abroad, many of whom have faced legal and regulatory impediments during their move. However, the process of moving abroad can be made smooth and hassle-free if preparations are carried out ahead of time, and the following tips are abided by:

Thoroughly research your destination

This first tip is a no-brainer and crucial for a smooth transition abroad. If the decision to move is yours, you probably have your ideal destination in mind and may have already learned its ins and outs. However, if the destination of your move is beyond your control, conduct thorough research on it.


Start by gaining an overview of the country you’ll be moving to, including its customs, traditions, and societal norms. Delve deeper after this by looking into specifics like the living costs, housing, climate, and laws of the particular city you’re moving to. Analyzing the location of your move will help you familiarize yourself with the place months before your departure.

Hire suitable movers

The moving company you hire can make or break your moving journey. Many Americans prefer moving out from the East Coast, especially from cities like Miami, instead of the Midlands because of its proximity to Europe and other countries they might be moving to. This does affect the overall cost of the relocation as well. Moving internationally from Miami means having reliable expert movers at your service who get the job done right.

When choosing a moving company, compare quotes and rates from multiple movers to select the most pocket-friendly option. However, refrain from choosing a moving company solely based on cost, as cheap movers may be unprofessional and risky.

To ensure that you hire professional and skilled movers, always carefully read reviews across Google of customers sharing their personal experiences with the moving company. Furthermore, look for movers accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) or other such third parties that guarantee their legitimacy and legality.

Find accommodation or housing

This step can be tricky since purchasing or renting out property thousands of miles away takes work. The chances of getting scammed or making the wrong decision are also high, leading to major disruption and chaos once you’ve moved.

The best approach for avoiding disorder is to research the type of accommodation or housing you seek. Your needs shall vary based on your purpose for moving. Those shifting to study abroad may find a temporary residence most suitable, while those moving for work will likely need a permanent home. Read up on articles, blogs, or even watch YouTube videos posted by builders advertising their residences.

Following this, contact a relocation consultant or realtor in the country you’re moving to and let them put their expertise to use. With advanced know-how of real estate laws and markets, these professionals can suitably guide you as to which living arrangement is most useful for you, depending on your reason to move.

Get immigration matters in check

The most boring yet important part of your move abroad shall be dealing with immigration and visa matters. The requirements and paperwork to procure a visa and successfully immigrate are hefty.

Thankfully, many professionals are available to assist you through the cumbersome procedures. Contacting US embassies in the country you’re moving to is the first important step in gathering useful information and learning the next steps. Reaching out to an immigration officer is another useful step, who can guide you throughout the immigration process and educate you on immigration laws, documentation deadlines, immunization requirements, and other policies concerning your move.

Pack smart

When packing for overseas relocation, know that less is more. The last thing you’d want at the airport is being ordered to remove items from your luggage to bring it within the authorized checked baggage weight.

Therefore, get rid of all unnecessary clothing items and personal belongings, preferably donating them to those who can make good use of them, and only pack what is necessary. Remember that upon reaching your destination, you’ll have the chance to buy more items or repurchase those you left behind. So refrain from over-packing and take a minimalistic approach for lighter baggage and ease of mind.

Assess your finances

Having access to your money during and after your move is paramount. Start planning your finances ahead of time to diminish any hiccups in this process. Find out whether your current bank has affiliate branches in your destination. If they don’t, try having a bank account up and running in your destination before you reach it, which can be achieved through online banking services that most banks offer. You should go for an expat-friendly bank that offers services tailored to immigrants and outsiders.

Ask for support and guidance

Last but certainly not least is spreading the word about your move. Not only will this help you garner further useful tips, guidance, and things to look out for, but you may even build a support system in the country you’re moving to before setting foot in it.

Letting friends and family know you’re moving is a good place to start. Using online forums and social media groups catered to those living abroad is an additional way to interact with those in the same boat as you and even meet someone in your destination who can help you once you reach it.


Starting fresh in a completely different environment and location may feel intimidating and uncertain, and rightfully so. Leaving behind the good American life to pursue new opportunities for growth and expansion is not for the faint of heart. However, remembering the abovementioned tips while carrying out your international relocation can positively impact the tedious process. Soon, you’ll look back at your life in the States as you build a new one in another part of the world!

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