6 Home Improvements for a Healthier Lifestyle

Ever since the pandemic and subsequent work-from-home trend, we are spending more and more time in our homes. Hence, the home environment – no doubt – plays a huge role in keeping life on track and balanced. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Your home is supposed to be a safe space where you can unwind at the end of a tiring day at work, but a poor home atmosphere can be equally detrimental to your health.

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If there is anything you are planning to upgrade in your living space, begin by making changes that promote a healthier lifestyle. You will be surprised by how even small modifications can greatly impact the quality of your life. The following are some you should certainly consider.

1. Upgrade to Memory Foam Mattresses

Make sleep a priority because regardless of your age, your body needs a rejuvenating and comfortable sleep to perform to the best of its potential.

It is a wonder how a high-quality mattress is the perfect solution if a good night’s slumber is evading you. The biggest culprit behind backache and joint pain, even after a long night’s sleep, is your mattress.

A one-time investment in a memory foam mattress will save you a great deal of pain and discomfort. A top quality memory foam mattress gives good pressure relief by dispersing body weight, offering customized support to the body, reducing neck and back pain, and giving body-hugging comfort.

2. Get an Air Purifier

Airborne pollutants can be the deadliest if they are in your home because this is where you are likely to spend most of your time. Some common pollutants include dander, dust, mold, tobacco smoke, carbon monoxide, radon, and asbestos – some more harmful than others.

Constant exposure to these, especially if you have a pre-existing health condition, can be seriously detrimental. The impacts might appear immediately or take longer to manifest, but they can be grave.

If you feel irritation in the throat, nose, or eyes, dizziness or nausea, and respiratory concerns, your indoor air quality is likely bad. An air purifier is the perfect solution for most of these air contaminants.

Depending on the type of filters installed, an air purifier can remove particulate matter, mold, viruses, bacteria, and volatile organic compounds. An air purifier cleans the air and makes it pollutant-free to a great extent; some can even remove up to 99% of the airborne bacteria!

3. Introduce Indoor Plants

The surge in popularity of indoor plants is not without reason; indoor greenery is known to serve many benefits for health and wellbeing. Indoor plants do much more than keep the air clean and oxygen-rich. Greater Good Magazine reports that nature can make you happier, less fatigued, more creative, and less stressed.

Plants remove airborne toxins and even speed up recovery from illnesses. A review conducted in 2002 revealed that people recovering from surgery stayed in the hospital for a shorter time and required less pain medication if they looked at greenery during the period.

In fact, having plants around can boost attention, reduce anxiety, depression, and dementia, boost productivity, and lower stress levels.

4. Increase Natural Light

Sunlight is the healthiest, most cost-effective, and energy-efficient way of keeping your home illuminated. Unfortunately, research has shown that we spend 90% of our day indoors! It comes as no surprise because most of our daily activities involve computers, video games, TV, and smartphones.

It isn’t always easy to include outdoor activities in your busy schedule, but you can bring the natural light in! Sunlight exposure produces vitamin B and D in the body, improves eyesight, promotes weight loss, boosts heart health, and improves your body’s natural sleep cycle.

Sunlight has more than just physical health benefits. It is also known to improve focus, enhance mental acuity, reduce stress, and make you happier. If your exposure to sunlight is scarce, you are also more vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder, i.e., depression that one experiences during winters, when sunlight is low.

Given the benefits of natural light, it is about time you work on the following home improvements: introduce mirrors where natural light hits, consider installing a skylight, use sheer curtains, and add a balcony.

5. Set up A Home Gym

Sometimes, it is the hassle of going to and from the gym that demotivates you from introducing workouts into the routine. You can circumvent the problem by investing in a home gym where you can do all your dream workouts without any travel time or investment.

Unlike in a public gym, here you can customize the equipment to suit your particular requirements and tailor the interior design to match your preferences. You can customize it however you like, add a vending machine if you wish, and bring in bean bags if you feel like it. There is no one stopping you.

You also have the freedom to adjust the environment as per your preference.

Another major benefit of having an in-home gym is that you don’t have to stick to a schedule and plan your day around it; if you own the gym, you can exercise whenever you want, however long you wish.

6. Set up Your Personalized Space

It is natural to experience moments when you want nothing but a break from everyone else, some personal time in a place where you can instantly feel at ease.

Your mental health is as important – if not more – as your physical health. Creating a sacred space tailored to your interest will reap many long-term benefits. When setting up this space, consider everything that gives you joy and peace.

Do you find comfort in blankets, cushions, or soft carpets? Does nature bring you calmness? Would potted plants be a nice idea? Consider adding a rack for your favorite books if you are a bookworm. It is also a good idea to bring in small lamp, some snacks, and a pair of headphones.

You can use this personalized space to read books, meditate, do yoga, reflect, or simply sleep.

Final Words

Your home environment can greatly impact your overall health and well-being. If you are investing in home improvement, introducing changes that promote healthy living is the right place to begin. You may consider introducing memory foam mattresses, getting an air purifier, adding indoor plants, adding natural light, setting up a home gym, and introducing a personalized space. These modifications will go a long way in boosting your physical and mental well-being. 

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