Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs
Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

How to Be a Smart Investor and Grow Your Portfolio

It would be best if you were a smart investor to grow your portfolio. You might want to consider tax free investments. You may consider looking for a specialist to guide you through your future investments. An investor’s life is complex. It requires a sound investment strategy that requires the right information. You do not need to spend a lot of money to get started. Here are a few general strategies that every investor should use to navigate the financial world. What Is an Investment? It may sound simple, but as we approach our financial lives, the question of “what is an investment” arises. Is it a time-consuming thing? How much will I be making on a particular investment? Does it give me returns on my money? To these questions, if you answered yes, you are an expert because you have not started investing yet.  When you have taken care of these questions, you may be ready for investment. You can invest in gold or the stock market. In the stock market, you can choose to invest your money in… Continue reading

How Far Should Southeast Asia Go to Catch Up In The Cybersecurity Race

Cybersecurity’s impenetrable form ensures the security of data, making it the number one line of defense against malware, viruses, ransomware, worms, and cyber thefts that loom the virtual space. The Driving Force Different countries have learned to invest in cybersecurity measures due to the rising number of crimes in the virtual space. They are investing in technologies such as Network Detection and Response NDR. Not all perpetrators choose who their next victims will be. They will target anything from businesses, private companies, schools and universities, to government-run websites. They are dangerous because they are targeting ordinary data known to everyone, but mainly sensitive information to hold hostage. This gives them the power to infuse fear upon companies and manipulate their victims. Continue reading

The History of Digital Technology: How it All Began and Where it is Going

As the term suggests, digital refers to numbers, two in particular, namely ones and zeros. In the mid-1950s, we already had the technology to send messages along telephone lines in an analogue fashion. At that time, American engineers were seriously looking into the 17th-century concept of using binary numbers to represent information. They chose 0 and 1, which can be added to infinitely, (00110001000101000), and their goal was to transmit this data along fibre optic lines; each digit is called 1 bit, and by joining many ones and zeros, it was possible to send large blocks of data, which might be text, audio or even video. Continue reading

What to Consider When Setting Up a Company

Setting up a company can be an exciting challenge, especially if you pursue your dreams to sell products and services that you have designed or have a particular passion for. Indeed, if you want to become a business owner, you should consider some factors when setting up a company. Furthermore, it would be best if you also understood that many people dream of establishing a company. However, at the same time, only a small percentage actually manage to reach the milestone of operating for around a decade. In addition, statistics have shown that about half of all small businesses do not continue their operations after around five years. As a result, if you are looking to set up a company, you should consider many important factors before deciding to start. The current pandemic scenario has intensified the importance of people as well as online networks. Thus, resolving network problems in business and providing data handling services sites such as My FoneTel are connected. However, it would be best if you also understood that several companies could assist you throughout the process… Continue reading

Threats of the Modern Online Advertising Market

Advertising has always been a key part of the online experience, ever since the popularisation of the world wide web in the late ‘90s. Yet, despite this constant involvement, the finer points of digital advertising have undergone several significant changes. One of the most obvious forms where this change has taken place is safety concerns. Existing as a constant battle between honest advertisers and malicious interlopers, the push and pull have tended to favour the honest, but this position has been hard-won. The Prior Dangers Back in the early days of the internet, the biggest problem with advertisers tended to revolve around pop-up ads. These could appear rapidly and unprompted, propagating until a system required a hard reset. While these were frustrating to manage, they are also largely a problem of the past. The negative attention and worldwide hate that nasty popups generated led to a market that was much better regulated. This, in addition to the application of adblockers, stopped the popup threat before it reached the modern-day on a mass scale. Continue reading

The Support is Extraordinary in most Server Hosting

Are you one of those online gamers who find Minecraft interesting? GGservers would be able to serve thousands of Minecraft players worldwide since they have the most successful and attentive technical support crew that is online 24/7 in their lobbies; thus, they would be able to communicate with the hosts of the servers. Unfortunately, Minecraft Server hosting cannot do such a thing since the game itself has fewer issues which means only the host knows if there are bugs or problems. But even if the host has the control and the power over the server, they cannot control what is running around the game that makes it a bit more complicated for the players. Such issues will be a bit harder for those players who are not familiar with how it really works. Continue reading