Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs
Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

The Influence Of Working From Home During The Pandemic On Productivity And Mental Health

Working from home has been popular for several years. More people use computers and network communications. They are provided with reliable Internet connections, and more families have both parents working full time. Compared to working from the office, it can reduce transportation time and cost, grant flexible working hours, and increase job satisfaction between employees. However, today many companies and workers are forced to this dramatic transmission to the home-office environment. This change is not voluntary as it represents a coping mechanism to the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, if working from home becomes a massively spread long-term phenomenon, it will affect how businesses organize and manage their workforces. It also affects how people earn their income, as many have turned to creating their own crafts at home and selling them online. If you are selling crafts online, check out this beginner’s guide to marketing crafts to help your productivity so as not to interfere with your main job.  Whether it is a good and a proficient way of working or not is fiercely discussed. The future of this phenomenon is relatively… Continue reading

Tourism Marketing And Its Practical Purposes

The general definition of travel and tourism is a market affected by consumers’ demand for various travel-related products and services. According to The United Nations, there are three main determinants of travel and tourism: Visitors’ activities take place independently from their everyday routines and outside the location of their residence; an economically active population that has demand on travel and transportation. Destinations that possess cultural value are visited regularly and require before-mentioned tourism activities to preserve their purpose. Continue reading

Traveling To China, Safety, Laws, And Covid-related Issues

China represents one of the oldest civilizations and has a lot to offer its international visitors. For example, it combines various natural, cultural, and mixed heritages such as The Great Wall, The Grand Canal, historic settlements, imperial palaces from different eras, Silk Roads, national parks, fossil sites, and many more. However, with the massive outbreaks of Covid 19 and alongside the majority of countries, China implemented various restrictions for travelers as well. At first, in March of 2020, it closed borders to almost all travelers. Continue reading

10 Quick Hacks to Help You Improve Your Social Media Reach

When building your online presence somewhere along the way, you’ll realize that social media is not just about building profiles and posting content. You’ll encounter more important terms, like social media reach as part of key performance indicators (KPIs). Social media reach refers to the total number of unique people who see your content. You can use this metric to gauge whether your campaign is working or has achieved the target reach you set for your campaign. If not, it only implies that you need to make some changes to align with your business’s goals. Continue reading

How Your Business Could Benefit From a Data Center

Data centers are the powerhouse of the digital world we live in. Technological innovations regularly change how organizations operate. These innovations have triggered an ever-increasing reliance on data and computing power. The amount of resources required to store and process the relevant information is often too much for companies to handle in-house. This is where data centers come in. They allow businesses to outsource the storage and maintenance of databases, reducing the cost for the organization. Here are some ways that your business could benefit from an external data center. Continue reading

How Treatment Professionals Can Benefit from Using Telehealth Technologies

Summary: Technological advancement is essential for progress within the healthcare industry. New technology such as telehealth helps treatment professionals stay ahead of the curve. The new strategies developed as a result of new technology lead to improved outcomes. Technology such as telehealth can help treatment professionals change lives in a positive way. New technology has been redefining healthcare for decades. As technology advances, so do the benefits for Treatment Professionals and their patients. Telehealth technologies have probably been the most impactful during the past year of social distancing and isolation. Telemedicine or telehealth offers both you and your patients a myriad of advantages for treatment at a distance. Video consultations have become common as they provide a safe and convenient way for patients to connect with their Treatment Professionals without requiring face-to-face interaction. Besides ensuring the health and safety of your patients, this type of technology often benefits healthcare professionals by allowing them to modernize their practice and improve client outcomes. Continue reading