Day-in-the-Life Videos: 3 Tips for Business Accounts

Day-in-the-life videos are incredibly popular, and there’s no reason why your business can’t take advantage of this fact. In fact, with a format as simple as filming experiences, everything can make for compelling content from RTA Outdoor Kitchen logistics to customer service. 

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Here are 3 tips for your business account. 

Show a Unique Team

Your team isn’t just a bunch of job titles—they’re a diverse group of personalities with their quirks. By highlighting each member’s unique flair, you’re not just showing what they do, but who they are, making your company feel more like a tight-knit community.

So introduce each team member with a fun fact or a unique skill they bring to the table. Then, throughout the video, let their personalities shine through in their interactions and the way they tackle tasks. Have them share personal anecdotes or hobbies related to their work.

For example, in a day-in-the-life video for a marketing agency, introduce John, the analytics guy, who’s also a weekend rock climber. Show him analyzing data while cracking jokes with colleagues. Maybe even cut to a shot of him scaling a rock wall on Saturday, adding a personal touch to his role.

Share Insider Moments

Everyone loves feeling like they’re part of something special so giving viewers exclusive access to behind-the-scenes moments means inviting them into your world and making them feel like VIPs.

Think about key moments in your business that outsiders rarely get to see, like brainstorming sessions for a new project or team-building retreat. Capture such candid moments. 

For example, film a strategy meeting for a tech startup where the team is hashing out ideas for a new app feature. Show glimpses of the passionate debates, the lightbulb moments, and the occasional snack break. By sharing such insider glimpses, you’re letting viewers in on the creative process and building excitement for what’s to come.

Include Inside Jokes

Working is rarely ever just purely about work — inside jokes and quirks are commonplace. Embracing these quirks in your video adds a touch of authenticity and humor that resonates with viewers.

Keep an ear out for those inside jokes and quirky traditions that are unique to your team. Incorporate them into the video in a way that feels natural, whether it’s through witty commentary, visual gags, or playful interactions.

For example, picture a day-in-the-life video for a creative agency where everyone starts their morning with a ritual like a group dance-off to kickstart the day. You want to capture the laughter and camaraderie as team members joke around and bond during that moment because these moments not only entertain viewers but also reinforce a sense of community within your company that many consumers now prefer. 

The days of “professional” business accounts on social media are certainly long gone. Try out these tips for your business! 

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