Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs
Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

How to Increase YouTube Subscribers for Free?

There are many ways to increase the number of subscribers to your YouTube channel. On YouTube, starting with the most obvious – creating interesting videos, correct channel optimization, correct optimization of video descriptions (title, description, tags), correct use of annotations, up to the less obvious ones, e.g., the right call to action at the end of the video. Thanks to apps like YouberUp, which can help you to grow your channel. YouberUp is not only an app but a platform where beginners of YouTube can bring views and subscribers to their channels just by spending virtual coins, which are really easy to earn. Why choose YouTube? YouTube is one of the most visited sites in the world. It is, therefore, a great tool to create a community and distribute your video. The potential for virility on YouTube is immense. Many artists have made their mark on YouTube. Many of them are using YouTube channel grow apps. However, it is not always easy to get started. Buying YouTube subscribers, views, and likes can go a long way in helping your YouTube channel grow… Continue reading

Can big data improve the casino experience?

Most large businesses rely on bid data to improve their processes, efficiency, and security. Big data relies on a massive collection of data and analysis. From the data, algorithms can produce useful insights, provide metrics, and prognoses for the near future. The gaming industry heavily relies on big data technology. There is a huge potential to analyze large amounts of data and receive valuable information on what players are likely to play more and what strategies are working best. Also, big data help to detect fraudulent and abnormal activity in the casino. Artificial intelligence is useful in predicting and picking out the cheaters from the crowd by analyzing their behavior. Continue reading

3 Tips for Effective Remote Working

For many of us, it’s certainly looking as if there may be a more permanent future in remote working as a year-long trial period may soon be coming to an end. Business leaders are deciding whether the shift has been a successful one – many experts have suggested that the change hasn’t impacted productivity. Although there have been a few stumbles along the way whilst learning to adapt, it has been a mostly successful change. So, if you’re preparing for the jump, here are some tips for effective remote working. Continue reading

How Will Industry 4.0 Benefit Asia?

If you haven’t heard of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0), you’re missing out on something likely to have a seminal impact on the global economy. This essentially refers to the ongoing automation and digitization of traditional manufacturing and industrial processes to reduce costs, improve efficiency, and optimize productivity across the board. Continue reading

Looking to Renovate Your Home? Here Is All You Need to Know About Home Improvement Loans

Home improvement, which includes renovation, landscaping, adding new kitchens and walk-in wardrobes, is estimated to add over £40,000 in property value. The past 5 years (2015-2019) have seen UK homeowners spend about £295 billion in renovating their homes. With the average spend in home improvement in the UK at £14,015, many homeowners are looking at getting home improvement loans to finance their renovations. While buying a home is exciting if you can afford it, doing a renovation is much cheaper and makes your home a comfortable place for you and your family. However, before you take out a home improvement loan, you must understand how the loan market is structured and who the players are. This article will shed light on this and much more. Continue reading

Great deals at PCBWay shopping festival 2020

Pandemic forced us to spend more time at home or work. We can spend additional spare time with our family, work on various projects, and learn new skills. The Christmas period also comes with great sales where you can get great deals on planned goods and services. As usual, PCBway is organizing a big sale as Christmas shopping festival 2020 where you can get lots of great deals and gifts. During this extraordinary period from 2nd to 31 December, you can celebrate the event with PCBWay and receive many advantages. Let’s break out the benefits of the shopping festival. Continue reading