7 Steps to Creating an Online Magazine That You Can Monetize

The advent of the internet has changed the way which we access and consume information. While print magazines are still alive, many people prefer the convenience and versatility of online magazines. As a result, many entrepreneurs now use online magazines to generate revenue. If you’re considering this lucrative venture, you should follow these seven steps to increase your chances of success. #1) Choose a Niche The first step to creating an online magazine is choosing a niche. You’ll struggle to attract readers if you cover every topic under the sun. Instead, focus your online magazine around a specific topic of interest, also known as a niche. Not only will this help you connect with your audience, but it can also yield new monetization options. Continue reading

How to write an essay that will be appreciated by your professor?

Assignments are something that you will have to deal with constantly when you are a student. While there are many projects where you can work with a team, we can’t say the same thing for essays. Writing an essay is not as simple as it seems, and you will have to spend a lot of time for research. There are certain tips that can help you to write a good essay, and you should take advantage of them if you want to get a good grade. Simply follow this rules and success should come your way. Continue reading

Light beacon for debugging autonomous vehicle

Debugging of project is as equal as building it. You need proper tools and means to see whats going on. If it is a field test, you need some sort of visual feedback. Gal Pavlin have built great looking RGB light beepers that are based on STM32F0 microcontroller. They even made a custom 3D printed cap to make it look finished. The signal light consists of three independent RGB strips controlled by 9 PWM signals generated by STM32F0 microcontroller. LED strips are switched with N-MOSFETs. A separate MOSFET is controlling beeper for audible signal. Microcontroller receives commands from host computer via USB interface which works as virtual serial port. The color depth is 8-bit. The other parameters set by host are color fade time, beep more. For more information refer … Continue reading

Adding third hand to guitar play

Playing a guitar is fun as it is. But if you are a bit more nerdy, then why not adding something weird to it to amaze friends. Youtuber Make It And Fake It have been tinkering with Arduino, servo and couple of chopsticks and put together a crude guitar attachment which can stroke strings with different patterns. The functionality is yet still limited as for different strokes it needs reprogramming with three control buttons. For more functionality additional coding might be needed. The fun demonstration at the end of video proves to be real fun from both – funny and practical side. With a bit of tuning one hand really can be free to play another instrument to make song even better. Servo motor seems to be too loud while … Continue reading

An Arduino based IC tester with smart touch

IT is always a good practice to test every electronic component before mounting to PCB. You never know weather it is faulty, or worse counterfeit. Logic IC’s aren’t exception. With this smart IC tester, all you need is to wack it in and confirm it is working as should. The other potential other of IC tester is detecting unknown ICs on the fly. The design of IC tester consist of several building block including Arduino Mega 2560, 2.4 inch TFT LCD. Custom IC tester shield PCB with ZIF socket. Arduino code is located at git repository where you might find updates and feature enhancements. Probably the most tedious task was to rpepare IC database which is saved as .txt file on SD card. Currently the list is very short and … Continue reading