Join PCB Design Contest To Win $1000

PCBWay is a PCB prototype and assembly manufacturer with over 10 years experience. In order to provide a platform for electronic hobbyists to communicate and learn from each other, they hold the PCB design contest. Compared to the 1st PCB design contest, this time not only the prize become better, but also they invite so many experienced engineer as judge, such as Kicad project leader “Wayne Stambaugh”, Diptrace senior engineer “Alex Mihailenko”. Now let’s look at the specific circumstances of the contest: Rewards “The Best Designs” 1st Prize:  $1000 in cash + $100 in coupons+ 10000 PCBWay Beans 2nd Prize:  $500 in cash + $50 in coupons+ 5000 PCBWay Beans 3rd Prize:  $200 in cash + $20 in coupons+ 2000 PCBWay Beans “The Most Popular Designs” 1st Prize: $1000 in … Continue reading

Why PCBWay is the best PCB Assembly Manufacturer?

As an electronic engineer, we often run into a situation: you have a new idea and designed the circuit schematic, but feel overwhelmed if prototype, purchase components and assembly by yourself. Considering everyone’s needs, here we recommend you the most suitable PCB Assembly Company —PCBWay. PCBWay is a Chinese manufacturer with over 10 years’ experience in PCB prototype and assembly service. They have helped so many electronics engineers assemble projects. Their excellent service wins wide reputation from all over word engineers. The following are a few reasons why we recommend PCBWay Assembly Service. Continue reading

Fast and easy PCB fabrication with JLCPCB

Building any sort of electronics project is multistep process that involve creating circuit, testing it, creating PCB, soldering and checking if everything works as planned. All these steps take significant time, but manufacturing PCB involves some waiting period until board arrives. Of course you can try to make PCB prototype by yourself, but this process is messy and requires special tools like UV lamps. Today probably every hobbyist is ordering PCBs online with guarantee of getting professionally looking product. There are many PCB fab houses that offer great services. They wary by offering different pricings, turnaround times and board varieties. Recently I had a great experience with JLCPCB fabrication house. As a hobbyist I am looking for small price when ordering small batches, short build time and quality. JLCPCB fab … Continue reading

Do You Need Quality Appliance Repair In Barrie? Look No Further

Few inventions have been quite as helpful as household appliances. Less than a hundred years ago, keeping your house clean and in working order was a full-time job and if you or your spouse couldn’t be home for at least 6 hours a day, you would have to hire a maid to keep things from falling apart. Now, all you have to do is throw the clothes in the wash, adjust a knob here and there, press a button and walk away. Simple as that. However, when these appliances stop working, we realize just how much we actually rely on them to take care of basic household tasks and chores. If you’re looking for appliance repair in barrie, then your search stops here. Appliance Repair in Barrie is a small … Continue reading

Welcome to the World of Blackjack which is taking on a New Reality

The card game we all know, love or perhaps, just heard of, is about to change, but for the better. VR (virtual reality) is no longer a concept that was just incorporated into 50s Sci-Fi novels or a fleeting movie idea which brought us new hope in the 80s. Okay, so it’s taken near 100 years to get things actually on the table and physically use, but it was time well invested and the results are affecting everything. Following the console gaming trend, online casino operators in the French market are seeing the potential and going to town on it. Continue reading