Why Tar Heel Construction Group is the Best Choice for Roofing in Bel Air, MD

Tar Heel Construction Group has been a top choice for roof services in Bel Air for over twenty years. They offer roofing, siding, gutters, and solar services. Joe Ayler, a local resident for 30 years, leads the team with a focus on customer satisfaction.


Homeowners in Bel Air trust Tar Heel Construction Group for all their roofing needs. They are known for their precision and professionalism. Their excellent ratings on Google and Yelp prove they are top roofing contractors in the area for roofing Maryland.

Many reviews praise their commitment to quality and customer care. They’ve been the top roofing company in Harford County for three years, showcasing their consistent quality and support for the community.

Joe Ayler’s background adds depth to the company. He moved from a job at Johns Hopkins University to leading a roofing company. His experience and community ties make him a trusted leader in Bel Air, MD.

Over 640 people have asked for free quotes, showing the high demand for Tar Heel Construction Group’s services. Joe Ayler aims to keep making a positive impact in Harford County. He ensures the company will continue to be a key part of the community.

Expert Roofing Services in Bel Air, MD

Tar Heel Construction Group offers a wide range of roofing services in Bel Air, MD. They keep residential roofs in top shape. Their team is skilled in roof inspections, new installations, and repairs, ensuring homeowners get the best care for their roofs.

Comprehensive Roof Inspection

Roof inspections in Bel Air, MD, by Tar Heel Construction Group, LLC, are thorough. They check your roof’s condition to spot potential problems early. This helps homeowners avoid expensive repairs later. Regular inspections keep your roof healthy and long-lasting.

New Roof Installation

Tar Heel Construction Group is great at installing new roofs. They use various styles like architectural shingles and cool roofs. Every new roof comes with a lifetime warranty on materials and labor. This makes it a smart choice for your home’s safety and value in Bel Air, MD.

Roof Repair and Maintenance

Tar Heel Construction Group provides roof repair and maintenance services. Their team can handle different roof types and problems, big or small. They focus on quality service, which is why they have great reviews on Google and Yelp. This shows their dedication to making customers happy.

Customer-Centric Approach and Positive Reviews

Tar Heel Construction Group is all about making customers happy. They put every client’s needs first, building a strong connection with the community.

High Ratings and Positive Reviews

People in Bel Air, MD, love Tar Heel Construction. They have great reviews on Google and Yelp. For three years running, they’ve been the top roofing company in Bel Air, MD.

Over 640 people recently asked for a free quote from them. This shows how much people value their top-notch services.

Commitment to Excellent Customer Service

Tar Heel Construction is all about making customers happy. Homeowners say they’re “Professional” and “Recommended.” This shows the company’s high standards.

They do thorough inspections and offer many roofing services. They also check roofs regularly to make sure they last a long time.

They give a lifetime warranty on materials and labor for new roofs. This makes them very trustworthy and shows their dedication to quality.

Why Tar Heel Construction Group Stands Out Among Bel Air Maryland Roofers

Tar Heel Construction Group is a top choice in Bel Air MD for roofing. They have a strong bond with the local community. They also get great reviews from Harford County residents. Their focus on top-notch roofing services in Maryland shows their drive for excellence and making customers happy.

Their success comes from three main things:

  1. Remarkable customer experiences: Over 640 people recently asked for a free quote. This shows how much people in Bel Air, MD want quality roofing services. Tar Heel Construction Group meets and goes beyond what customers expect, building a strong community reputation.
  2. Dependable and high-quality contracting solutions: With over 40 years of experience, they offer many roofing options. This includes asphalt shingles in various styles. They also provide a lifetime warranty on both materials and labor, showing their dedication to quality and reliability.
  3. Positive community impact: They’ve been a Neighborhood Favorite for three years running. Local residents trust and support them. They stress the need for regular roof checks and upkeep to make roofs last longer in Bel Air, MD.

In Bel Air, MD, there are other roofing companies like DryTech Roofing Company, Inc., TSW Roofing Solutions Inc, Polk Contracting, Inc., and Advantage Home Exteriors. Each one offers different roofing services, giving homeowners more choices.

But Tar Heel Construction Group stands out. They are dedicated to providing top roofing services in Maryland. This is shown by their local recognition and the trust they have built in the community.

Community Engagement and Local Recognition

Tar Heel Construction Group is a big part of the Bel Air community. They’re known for their roofing skills in Bel Air MD. They do more than just fix roofs; they help out at events and support local causes. This shows they really care about Bel Air, making them trusted contractors in Harford County.

They’re also known for being reliable and providing great service. For three years running, they’ve been the top choice in Harford County. This shows how much people trust them. Their quality work and focus on making customers happy are clear in every project.

They use their experience to offer roofs that are affordable, strong, and look good. Tar Heel Construction Group is a key part of Bel Air, MD. Choosing them means getting a contractor who cares about the community and does great work.

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