Why Is Software Testing So Important?

Software testing is so much more important than what many businesses think. In so many cases the process is omitted. If this happens, the business, as well as the product, suffer. In order to understand why so many companies out there hire QA teams, here are some reasons.

Budget Optimization

Software testing offers various benefits, but the one that is considered to be the most important by many business owners is that it is cost-effective. You can easily save money in the future since when bugs are discovered at an early development stage, it is so much easier to fix than when the product is over. Testing has to be done early in the project. QA Engineers and testers that are experienced and educated are thus incredibly vital.

software testing

Testing will help the business save money and time since issues are detected and solved before the more severe problems appear.


Another thing that can be mentioned is that security is added. There are countless situations in which user information was stolen, or there were hackers that reached user data because of a lack of testing. Personal information is essential and it has to be private. This is especially the case in areas where such services are highly vulnerable, like security details or banking information.

Testing will help to improve product security in different ways, like:

  • The user obtains a trustworthy product.
  • Products are launched without vulnerability.
  • Sensitive data and information are kept safe.
  • Potential risks are minimized.

Remember that even a small vulnerability can lead to a huge business problem. Whenever launching a product, it needs to be bug-free.

Product Quality

The product has to work exactly how it was intended. It has to bring value and offer an excellent customer experience. For instance, when an app is developed, testing will check app graphics, so they are appropriately aligned. Then, functionality is checked, and menus are verified. When the developers fix the issues discovered, another one can appear.

During testing, device compatibility will also be checked. For instance, the app is tested to be compatible with the intended operating systems and devices. The testing companies always use many tools and devices to test all the possible scenarios.

Customer Satisfaction

At the end of the day, you want to be sure that your customers get positive user experience. The reasons why the apps and software programs have to be tested is to guarantee an enjoyable experience. The market is almost always saturated, and competition is high. After the users have outstanding customer experience, they surely tell friends. This will practically help the product to advertise itself.

It is not at all easy to earn the trust of the customers. This is especially the case when a product does not function as it should and is glitching. You surely had many horrible experiences in the past with apps on your phone, so you surely know how bad this can be.

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  1. I also think that there is no alternative to software testing. However, it has now turned from manual to automation testing. More and more automation is leading to deliver a product faster than the earlier manual testing days.

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