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What VPN Leaks Can Put Your Data at Risk?

You might use a VPN to bypass geo-blocks, but you also expect it to protect your privacy at the same time, right? Well, if your connection suffers a leak, you’ll be out of luck. The VPN won’t be doing its job anymore. What kind of leak? There are quite a few, and I’m going to explain them all here. I’ll also tell you which tool to use to check for VPN leaks (try it out here if you’re in a hurry), and what you can do to protect yourself from them. Continue reading

Modern Approach vs Elevator Pitch

Pitching has become enormously influential as we do it all the time, whether in business, sales, advocacies, or job applications. Most people tend to use the elevator pitch because it is an excellent way to spark interest in a product, idea, project, or yourself.  In an elevator pitch, a person needs to come up with a brief and persuasive speech that ideally fits all vital information in a short amount of time. Preferably, the statement should last no longer than a short elevator ride that lasts 20 to 30 seconds, hence, its name.  Continue reading

How Universities Use Virtual Reality

Virtual reality made an introduction by changing the world of entertainment and giving people new exciting experiences. Considering its popularity, public response, success rate, and the effect it has on people, it was only logical to introduce virtual reality into learning.  These days students are somewhat overwhelmed by all the information channels they get exposed to on a daily basis. They also find it difficult to keep up with their busy curriculums, which is why many of them turn for the support of online essay help service on domyessay.com  and hire professional academic writers to do their assignments. The global education has come to the point where some changes must be made to improve the overall learning experience for students and make it more entertaining and engaging. Virtual reality is just the tool for that. It can appeal to different types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, and give all of them equal chances at reaching academic success.  Continue reading

A Unique Way to Pay for Your Insurance

With most car insurance companies, there is usually only one way to pay, depending on your driving record, how much coverage you need, and your credit. This may be a boon for some drivers. A spotless driving record doesn’t always mean a lower insurance rate. If you want a lower insurance rate and don’t drive much, then consider the PAYD (Pay as You Drive) program that is offered by Hammer Insurance. Continue reading

5 Effective Marketing Strategies for Construction Businesses

Construction companies, no matter the size, will always need marketing strategies to grow their business. It’s simply critical to the success of each organization and is one way of making the public aware of your construction company’s presence. Without it, your company will stay where it is, without the opportunity to grow and expand. Although your audience can just look you up on the yellow pages and call whenever they need your service, it isn’t enough if you have a desire for your business to grow to its full potential. This is why you should be aware of, and take full advantage of available business loans that can enable you to develop and carry out strategic marketing plans that will attract more business for your construction company. Continue reading

A Beginner’s SEO Guide for Instagram

Not everyone is aware of the fact that their Instagram’s reach and other metrics are influenced by SEO. Search engines are responsible for pushing online traffic to several social media platforms. The search engine for Instagram works differently. Instagram will block the search engine from performing any categorization on the images. The Instagram profile can be indexed, but one cannot do anything about the images, which makes it challenging for Instagram. If you are someone who is trying to figure out how to perform SEO on Instagram and gain optimum results, then here are some techniques that you need to apply. Continue reading