Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Here’s Why Every Single Business Needs OCR Technology

In most businesses this situation happens: the boss offers a hardcopy of a specific document that has to be updated. In order to do this, the document is typed into the computer and then printed again. This is time-consuming and the employee would be much better suited to do something else for the business. Fortunately, a solution does exist: using optical character recognition (OCR). This is a technology that is offered by countless providers, like Smartengines, and gives access to the possibility of drastically reducing the time needed to perform situations like the one mentioned above. Continue reading

3 Best Anonymous Hacker Email Service To Protect Your Privacy!

Hmmm, mainstream email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook read your messages and share information with product makers for serving you ads. In a digital era, the fact of being snooping on your data may be ok with a lot of users, but what about those who are extra vigilant about their privacy? Maybe, you desire to keep your information safe or share with your partners, co-workers, or friends about something ultra-secret (shh, state-sponsored corporations wants to detect your location!) Or you just tired of infinite spam. Continue reading

PCB manufacturing – from design to assembly

There is not a single electronics device without PCB. It is an essential part which is not usually visible but is an important element of the overall design. Each electronic circuit has to overcome many designing, refining and testing steps until it becomes. Lots of testing is performed to ensure the safety of usage, ergonomics and reliability. The skills of building reliable electronics come with years of experience and constant learning. Continue reading

Order PCBs from PCBWay and get a free mask to fight COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus currently threatens the world, and there are no significant signs of relief. China has been struck the hardest, Italy and other major countries are lining up. China seems that they are taking over the decease, but nothing is over yet. Such improvement is a result of strict means and self-control. According to different sources, the vaccine is in its trial stage, and at best could be delivered in the upcoming months or even later. During this period, the only working method to prevent from spreading decease is self-isolation, hygiene, wearing masks when in public and heavy use of disinfection. However, the total isolation of the world is impossible. Many people still need to work. Professionals such as medics, police, fireman and even salesman must be on duty. Life is going on, and there need to be supplies and order. The best possible protection of those people is crucial. Wearing masks is one of the simplest ways of preventing disease spread. The primary purpose of covers is to protect healthy people from sick ones by blocking the possible… Continue reading

AUTOSAR vs. non-AUTOSAR in Embedded Projects

Topics of this article: AUTOSAR, embedded non-AUTOSAR, layered architecture, scalability, software development. AUTOSAR – the beginnings Since 2002, starting with the conception of the AUTOSAR standard, the way the automotive industry collaborates has drastically changed. Its improvement is still ongoing in order to provide higher performance in the automotive industry. In the embedded world, the standard has become a must for those who want to align and want to have a chance to compete with the very best of this industry. Continue reading

What are the Benefits and Limitations of Brushless Motors in Industries?

A brushless motor is similar to its counterpart, although it comes without the brushes that will usually, eventually, wear out. For this reason, they are often that little bit more expensive than a regular motor – but they do last that little bit longer. We put together this guide to the benefits and limitations of a brushless motor, to help you get a feel for which might work best for you. So you need a conventional motor or does it need to be brushless? Let’s find out! Continue reading