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AUTOSAR vs. non-AUTOSAR in Embedded Projects

Topics of this article: AUTOSAR, embedded non-AUTOSAR, layered architecture, scalability, software development. AUTOSAR – the beginnings Since 2002, starting with the conception of the AUTOSAR standard, the way the automotive industry collaborates has drastically changed. Its improvement is still ongoing in order to provide higher performance in the automotive industry. In the embedded world, the standard has become a must for those who want to align and want to have a chance to compete with the very best of this industry. Continue reading

What are the Benefits and Limitations of Brushless Motors in Industries?

A brushless motor is similar to its counterpart, although it comes without the brushes that will usually, eventually, wear out. For this reason, they are often that little bit more expensive than a regular motor – but they do last that little bit longer. We put together this guide to the benefits and limitations of a brushless motor, to help you get a feel for which might work best for you. So you need a conventional motor or does it need to be brushless? Let’s find out! Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Hashtags! A Guide for Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags began on Twitter and gradually made their way onto almost every major social media platform. Over the years, hashtagging has grown in popularity and now connects users on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube. The practice revolutionized global communication and continues to bridge the distance between users as well as the gap between companies and consumers. The term “hashtag” refers to any topic or discussion on social media preceded by the hash (#) sign. Using hashtags on social media allows users to follow and share specific content. Essentially, they help to organize the vast amount of posts and daily conversations shared across social media. Continue reading

Top Reasons Why You Should Undertake SEO for Your E-Commerce Venture

The success of any e-commerce venture relies primarily on how well it can attract and engage visitors in addition to the range and quality of the products and services available on it. To this end, the most useful channels are paid advertising and organic search. Since paid advertising can be a very expensive proposition, most e-commerce platforms rely on search engine optimization to attract more visitors and achieve conversions. Apart from the most obvious benefit of driving the bottom-line, there are many other benefits of SEO for e-commerce. Continue reading

Best Online Plagiarism Checkers That Are Free!

People usually look for free services online, and this is because not all of us can afford the paid and expensive packages offered by many websites on the web! Now the same is the case with plagiarism checker tools! Now one thing should be clear to you that the use of plagiarism checker tools is essential today and you cannot survive without the use of these tools especially if you are related to content and content management! So today we are going to tell you about the best online plagiarism checker tools that are both reliable and free! Continue reading

Marketing’s 5 Cs for Successful Content

Anyone can create content. You can give your three-year-old a crayon, and he is likely to doodle something on a scrap of paper; you can give a monkey a typewriter, and he’ll either produce gobbledygook or Hamlet. Content generation is easy — what’s difficult is making content that matters to your audience. If you are struggling to produce high-quality content that engages your audience and convinces them to convert, you need to learn the five Cs of content marketing. Regardless of whether you are making a text post, a short-form video, a podcast or something else, these Cs can help you find success in your content campaign: Continue reading