Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

Adapting to Emerging eDiscovery, Information Lifecycle Trends Without Losing Efficiency

Preparing for new and emerging trends in eDiscovery and the Information Lifecycle should be among the top priorities among modern businesses. Regardless of the company size or the industry your company operates within, you highly likely use numerous communication channels and handle hefty data flows daily. This means that some information governance and data management needs to take place. This typically involves: Data classification eDiscovery Information Lifecycle management Regulatory compliance Data and infrastructure security   …and so on.  This is especially becoming relevant with the emergence of new (as well as not so new) technologies and IT trends that include AI (artificial intelligence), Big Data, ML (machine learning), BYOD (bring your own device), advanced analytics, IoT (Internet of Things), cyber-attacks, etc. All these accounts for a higher vulnerability of sensitive data, which results in the increased need for reliable tools and strategies that can help companies better tackle data protection, eDiscovery, and information lifecycle.  That said, let’s see what some of the most tangible advantages of deploying IG, IL, and eDiscovery are.  Continue reading

Which is the best prototype PCB Company in 2021?

The prototype PCB board is a product used on a large scale in the electronic market, being applied in different segments from information technology and telecommunications to automotive and aerospace. Which is the most common PCB prototype software? Printed circuit board prototype is one of the most requested services in the electronics industry. It is important to test a prototype board to carry out tests before ordering mass production. We know of several PCB prototype vendors, but we don’t know their features and advantages. Continue reading

Can Lighting Improve Healthcare? Recent LED Lighting Findings

UV lighting is gaining popularity in several industries. Some of the applications are in vertical farming, smart buildings, and healthcare. You may ask why you need lighting in healthcare. For example, can lighting improve healthcare? The most straightforward answer is yes. The UV lights can purify air and water. For this reason, you can apply it to disinfect pathogens in various industries, apart from hospitals.   Read this article and find out how UV lights make your healthcare better. You will know where and quantity of the lights to use for it to be effective. Lastly, the article explains why you need UV lights for healthcare more than lighting sources. Let’s get started. Continue reading

Basics on Automotive Robots

Automotive robots are simply robots used in the car manufacturing industry. These computer programmed machines are scheduled to perform a series of complex actions automatically. Automotive robots can either be autonomous or semiautonomous in nature. Applications done by Automotive Robots Robots exist in different types with specific elements that make them best suited for different applications. Automotive robots are used to carry out some of the following applications: Continue reading

What are the steps in the process of SMT manufacturing?

Surface-mount technology (SMT) refers to the assembly of electronic components using automatic machines that install components on the board’s surface. Moreover, this board is known as a printed circuit board, or PCB. When it comes to electronic assembly, SMT is the most popular method in the industry. JLCPCB is offering very attractive rates for PCB manufacturing and assembly. They are willing to produce 1-4 layer PCB for as low as $2 and additionally, you can get free PCB assembly once a month. This is a great opportunity to check Continue reading

PCB Assembly Services: Step by Step Guide for Best PCB Assembly

A PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) is a board that has been soldered and mounted on the PCB and can now perform the electronic function for which it was created. Printed circuit board assembly is one of the most critical processes in PCB production. Moreover, it includes all of the components needed to construct the PCB. SMT and THT are the two ways of constructing a printed circuit board assembly. Continue reading