Turn-key PCB assembly services in prototype quantities or low-volume to mid-volume production runs

How to get low volume cheap PCB assembly service with PCBWay?

PCB assembly

PCB assembly is as important as designing the board. In the prototyping phase, you probably do assembly and soldering on your own. Once the project is working and ready for small-scale production, you need to find a way to assemble and solder components fast, cheap, and easy. Unless you have a team of engineers, it is better to delegate this work for professionals, who have the right equipment, materials, and skills. If you are producing more than five higher complexity better use PCB assembly (PCBA) service provided by the same PCB fab house. PCBWay is capable of prototyping a small volume production including fabricating assembly. The days when prototyping and assembly costs were expensive are long gone. You can get PCBA service for as cheap as $88 for 10 PCBs.… Continue reading

Need to know more about Rigid Flexible Circuits

Most hardware engineers and inventors know what a Rigid-Flex is. It is both the most frustrating part of a significant circuit and yet is, at the same time, the most beneficial and essential part of the channel. In this guide, we will introduce the basics, layout, problems, and solutions of rigid-flex circuit boards. Among the key subjects on Rigid Flexible Circuit include: What is a Rigid-Flex PCB?: This section provides a brief overview of the definition, state, and characteristics of a rigid-flexible board. Rigid-flexible PCB design: This section focuses on the rigid-flexible circuit thickness, material, PCB assembly, PCB design considerations, and other information. Continue reading

When Hardware Comes With Malware

Building a device from the motherboard up is a rewarding, albeit frustrating endeavor. At any point, you could invest in a component that doesn’t integrate with your established rig; you could fudge a connection or create a crack — any kind of damage is devastating to such a technical DIY project, so you probably take pains to ensure that your device is clean and cared for from beginning to end. However, there is one issue you might not have anticipated: buying hardware with malware already installed. Malware usually isn’t a consideration for hardware geeks, but it does dramatically impact the performance of a finished device. Unfortunately, more and more hardware — even the high-quality, name-brand stuff — is coming with unwanted bugs. Here’s what to know and what to do… Continue reading

More Circuit Boards Made Of- you need to know

Do you know what the PCB circuit boards made of are? PCB vs. PCBA-What is the differences? Have you ever opened up your iPhone to see what’s inside? So, what is it that makes circuit boards so unique? Sit back, and enjoy, Let’s begin by taking a look at what are the circuit boards made of, Then, we will take a look at how you can make your circuit boards. It has four chapters that cover every detail about Circuit Boards composition. Among the key subjects on Circuit Boards composition  include: What is the PCB Circuit Boards Made Of: This section gives a brief overview of the PCB board composition. Continue reading

The Main Differences Between Models of Vehicle Cameras

As a vehicle enthusiast who likes going on road trips, you probably have a dash cam on your car. Also, those who drive through busy cities can confirm how important this device is because it can capture accidents or theft. But for fleet vehicles, cameras offer more than this. They count the passengers boarding and alighting buses, monitor the driver’s behavior and transmit data in real-time. But have you ever wondered about the differences between various vehicle cameras? This article will explore detailed research on this topic. Recording Resolution Some cameras have 4K recording capabilities while others have FHD resolutions. HD vehicle cameras are fading away as better technologies arrive. While still examining resolution quality, it is worth noting that these cameras are equipped with numerous features to aid them… Continue reading