Guide on Important tips to follow before Selling your Old Smartphone

Before you dispose of your old smartphone or tablet by giving or selling it away, there are certain things you need to do first to avoid exposing your important data or personal information to the buyer. Before going to ecoATM or ecoATMs near me, you need to clean up your device to remain as new as possible before exchanging it.


No matter where your old phone or tablet will end, wipe it inside and outside before giving it out. This will help keep your private information safe. Here are pieces of advice on how you can remove your personal information from your old smartphone.

Remove your SIM Card

The first thing you need to do when preparing to prepare your old phone for sale to get a new one is to remove the existing SIM card inside the phone. Even if you purchase a new SIM with the new phone you buy, your old card will contain lots of your contact details saved on it, so remove it to use it; they will be necessary to you.

Remove the Memory Card

If your old phone had a micro SD, remove the card and check where the slot is in your phone. Some are placed behind the battery cover, while others are on the edge of the phone. Before you remove the card, check the available space it contains and copy as many photos, documents and apps as you possibly can so that you can transfer them to your new phone if they are essential to you.

Erase the Remaining Data

After removing the SIM card and memory card, the next thing is to erase the remaining data available on the phone. You can do these two ways: either you need to go to the setting on your phone and check for the option backup/restore, or you can do it the manual way using the phone hardware buttons. Ensure that you have fully backed up your data before clicking on the erase button. Also, sign out on your Google account before wiping your phone clean. Otherwise, it may affect the person who will use that phone next as they will not activate it as it will be locked with your logging password.

Please clean it

Once the inside records are clean, the next thing to do is clean the outside too. Use materials that will not leave marks on the phone cover and screen. If you keep the box, you purchase it; keep it inside safe for sale.

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