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Do you love electronics? – take a chance on PCBWay 3rd design contest

Designing and building electronics devices is not a single person matter anymore.  Even if you have a great idea of a new device or functionality, you may not be noticed by other people simply because you will not reach the right audience. The key to success is a community which ensures that everyone with similar interests gets their chance to share and get feedback on what they are working on. PCBWay has been active in organizing different contest and events centred around the community, which is the main driving force in long term success. PCBWay has a great understanding that sharing and active community enrollment is the most significant power to succeed in business and future strategies. Continue reading

Why Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Walls Are More And More Used In Shopping Malls

Digital screens are made up of small individual units called pixels. The number of pixels along the width and height of a screen gives us its resolution. For example, if a screen has a resolution of 1920 by 1080, that means it has 1920 pixels along the width and 1080 pixels from top to bottom. But the resolution is not the only factor in determining a screen’s quality. Pixel pitch is also very important. Continue reading

Best Home Tech to Invest in for a Cutting Edge 2020

It’s an exciting time for tech-heads. That’s because the incredibly high-level technology now available can be more easily integrated into your home to make your living space a cutting-edge utopia. While some of this technology has been around for a while or has been out of reach to most people due to high costs, as with all new tech, prices are dropping all the time. That means it’s never been easier to embrace your love of the high-tech and start making life more comfortable at home. If you want the ultimate in cutting edge lifestyles, here is the home tech you won’t want to live without in 2020. Continue reading

Free gift from PCBWay inside each order package

As you may already know PCBWay is running a Christmas shopping festival 2019. During the event, you can benefit from a variety of gift coupons, discounts on all of their services including PCB prototype, PCB assembly, Advanced PCB manufacturing and other significant deals. During the shopping festival, each order (up to 12000) will be packed with a small surprise gift which will be randomly selected from the gift shop. The award will be chosen from three types of PCB based Christmas tree decorations that were designed by PCBWayer Jorge @akirasan. Each ornament is a live circuit with several multicolour LEDs powered by CR2032 cell coin. The designs are appealing as they are different colour and theme. Continue reading

Get your Christmas deals at PCBWay shopping festival

The black Friday and thanksgiving sales are over when we had a chance to save lots of money while purchasing desired goods. However, sales are not over yet. December is a particular month when everyone seems to be sharing great deals and sales. Few weeks before Christmas is an extraordinary period where you can expect many gifts and discounts when buying products. It seems that sales and festivals at PCBWay never ends. Despite already great prices on all products they are continually organising festivals, events and sales. December is a considerable period like never because they are running the shopping festival 2019. There are plenty of offers you cannot refuse. You probably feel sorry that you didn’t get time to prepare a design project to be manufactured right now. Continue reading

Christmas prototype event at PCBWay is here

It is a tradition at PCBWay to organise multiple events for the community. This year during the end of November and the whole of December, they are running a Shopping Festival dedicated to Christmas theme. During the event, they are sharing a special discount of $10 for PCB prototyping service of any kind. With such discount, you practically are getting free prototype service, as a minimal service fee is already $5. With $10 discount margin, you can start playing with weird shapes and colours resembling Christmas feel. All you have is to fill in the online order form and use coupon code CHRISTMAS10. Continue reading