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How Far Should Southeast Asia Go to Catch Up In The Cybersecurity Race

Cybersecurity’s impenetrable form ensures the security of data, making it the number one line of defense against malware, viruses, ransomware, worms, and cyber thefts that loom the virtual space. The Driving Force Different countries have learned to invest in cybersecurity measures due to the rising number of crimes in the virtual space. They are investing in technologies such as Network Detection and Response NDR. Not all perpetrators choose who their next victims will be. They will target anything from businesses, private companies, schools and universities, to government-run websites. They are dangerous because they are targeting ordinary data known to everyone, but mainly sensitive information to hold hostage. This gives them the power to infuse fear upon companies and manipulate their victims. Continue reading

Threats of the Modern Online Advertising Market

Advertising has always been a key part of the online experience, ever since the popularisation of the world wide web in the late ‘90s. Yet, despite this constant involvement, the finer points of digital advertising have undergone several significant changes. One of the most obvious forms where this change has taken place is safety concerns. Existing as a constant battle between honest advertisers and malicious interlopers, the push and pull have tended to favour the honest, but this position has been hard-won. The Prior Dangers Back in the early days of the internet, the biggest problem with advertisers tended to revolve around pop-up ads. These could appear rapidly and unprompted, propagating until a system required a hard reset. While these were frustrating to manage, they are also largely a problem of the past. The negative attention and worldwide hate that nasty popups generated led to a market that was much better regulated. This, in addition to the application of adblockers, stopped the popup threat before it reached the modern-day on a mass scale. Continue reading

5 Cybersecurity Best Practices You Should Be Aware Of

Cybersecurity is high on the list of concerns, particularly for rapidly growing online businesses. If you are the owner of a small business, then remove the mindset of “not much to steal” because the cybercriminals are experts in the field of a data attack, either small or large. At present, more and more businesses are moving online, and they are moving towards the risk of cyberattacks. With the help of the internet, cybercriminals can attack any data because they are professional in this field and paid high for their work. Keep in mind; small businesses are more likely to get attacked than large organizations and companies. Cyberattacks aim to negotiate systems and access similar data to monetize, ranging from stolen card details or credentials for theft identification.  Continue reading

SEO And SMM: Why You Need Both For Digital Success

A lot has changed in the digital landscape over the past decade. At one point in time, SEO was all about throwing in as many keywords in an article and hoping for the best.  However, with time, SEO has evolved into this incredibly complicated and sophisticated field of expertise. This field is characterized by changing best practices, evolving strategies, newer integrations, and new sets of challenges.  In the last few years, a new revolution has been brought by the advent of social media in the ecosystem. Every brand, individual, and institution wants to be on social media and gain in terms of reach, engagement, visibility, and more.  The common question that gets thrown around a lot is- which is better- SEO or SMM? Continue reading

How to create effective Banner Ads

Banner ads are the most popular form of online advertisement. They attract a Web visitor’s attention; it depends upon the creator of these, whether he makes them interesting-looking or they annoy the user. You can look at some great banner ads examples to inspire yourself before creating your own banner. Their goal is to increase the visitors to the hosting website; from there, you can check that specific item or deal. You can check other multiple cool items; you will become familiar with the brand and like them. Meanwhile, they offer various sales, discounts and earn traffic to their hosting website in return. They work by doing the following things: Continue reading

Top 3 Events Online

The rise of recent online events has been vast, with all of us have needed to adapt in one way or another. The Covid-19 pandemic led to big changes for us all. It meant we had to turn to online events where physical meet-ups weren’t possible, utilising our internet connection to interact with others from the comfort of our own home. Whether it’s business meetings online, family catch-ups over Zoom or large scale events from our living rooms, the online event industry has boomed. Although it was an initial hit, the benefits of these online events are becoming apparent, allowing us to communicate with people without putting the time and money into travelling long distances. Yes, it has been a big change, but the opportunities available to us nowadays are vast. We delve into the top 3 types of online events which can benefit the most of us. Continue reading