Torrenting Lets You Share Large Files

Torrenting is a method to download large files from the Internet. It is very different from routine downloads. Instead of downloading a file from a central network in one go, a torrent breaks the large file into small pieces called ‘packets.’ These packets are downloaded and shared from a network of computers downloading the same file as you. This is called the Peer-to-Peer network to download files. If one source of download is inactive, you can depend on other sources to download the file. The torrent file you use keeps track of which user has which packet and the alternates for you to download.

file transfer between computers

During a regular download, downloading a large file can take a very long time and can even cause the server to crash if many users are trying to download the same large file simultaneously. Torrenting resolves these issues as the packets are taken from multiple servers. Every user who downloads a torrent is called a leecher and acts as a mini-server. This significantly lowers the load on the network and makes it straightforward for users working on low bandwidth. When you also upload the file for other users to download, you become a ‘seeder.’ Torrenting lets you share large files which are on your device with other users.

Sometimes you can suddenly get disconnected from the Internet, or your computer may shut down. However, you will be able to continue your download from where you left off, and you won’t need to restart from the beginning. Additionally, torrent files are easy to find.

A torrent client is required to keep track of what content is downloaded from where, the number of users seeding the data at that time, and the number of users leeching the data. It acts as a core to connect everyone and aid the entire process. However, a torrent client does not contain files for download. You will have to find a reliable torrenting website to find the file you need. The torrent client only permits you to download the file when you find it.

Keep your Computer Safe When Torrenting


When you download from a Peer to Peer network, the chances of downloading a virus are low, and the torrenting community is conducive. Most users leave a comment below a torrent informing if the torrent is safe to download or not. However, for the safety of your device, while torrenting, it pays to look out for shady files and stay away from files that have no comments under them, as you may end up downloading a nasty virus on your device along with the file. Having a robust anti-virus installed on your system also helps.

Use a VPN to Mask Your Online Activity

using vpn

As a general rule, you need to have an able VPN that masks your online trail and not just the sites you visit. An efficient VPN will hide your actual IP address, not allowing your ISP to track your online activity. Also, your VPN needs to have a kill switch to prevent torrenting across an open connection if the VPN drops.

After setting up your VPN, you will have to find your torrent client. There are several torrent clients to choose from. Once you download the torrent client, you can look for a suitable torrenting website. One of the biggest and the most popular torrenting sites in The Pirate Bay is It has a lot of stuff on it to download, such as movies, music, games, books, and more. It has a simple interface, and it is easy to search for what you need. Therefore, if you are looking for content, which is otherwise not easy to download, you can find it here.

However, it would help if you looked for a healthy torrent with several leechers and seeders. As a bonus, the Pirate Proxy Bay has a comment section where users comment regarding the torrent. By reading the comments under a torrent file, you will know if the file is genuine or hoax. When you are satisfied, you are good to download the file. So, go ahead and download what you need from The Pirate Bay.

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