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Five Ways Technology Has Transformed Your PR Strategies

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Technology’? Do you think of frozen desktop computers and slamming CONTROL, ALT, DELETE on your keyboards like a madman? Or are you the one who’s currently enjoying the most robust form of communication through various channels? However, one area where technology is ever-present is in the world of public relations, or PR, as marketers call it. It has become a vital tool for organizations in communicating with everyone worldwide. Technology in the current world undoubtedly transforms how these organizations conduct marketing and public relations with stakeholders and the associated mediums. Let’s take a look at some of these PR-based technological transformations. Hopefully, these will give you a better idea of tweaking your own business’s PR strategies and practices. Continue reading

Finding the Best Kent SEO agencies

In this day and age, innovation has reshaped how we live in the world. You can do almost everything via the Internet. Communication among people, even from afar, has been made easier. Businesses now have a new platform where they can offer their products and services. There is so much that technology has provided us. One of these is digital marketing. Digital marketing strategies have many forms and use. It can be through content creation, social media marketing, email marketing, and the likes. One of the most powerful tools in digital marketing is SEO. Continue reading

Ratings, Reviews, and Their Impact on SEO

How many times has a business requested you to drop in your feedback on platforms like Google? And how many times have you checked out such ratings and reviews before visiting any facility or transacting with them? In all likelihood, your answer to both questions may be “often.” Clearly, it highlights the correlation between reviews or ratings and business popularity. But did you know that these ratings and reviews go beyond brand awareness and play a crucial role in determining your SEO performance? Let’s take a look at how they can help with SEO. Search Engines Trust Reviews As a business, you could be manipulating data or omitting facts. However, a customer is your direct benefactor and offers an unbiased view. As a result, search engine crawlers grant more credibility to reviews and ratings. Regardless of whether the review is negative or positive, it offers legitimacy to your operations. It indicates that you have real customers who interact with your website and its product and services. Of course, positive reviews are a stronger indication that your business offers high value… Continue reading

The factors that affect your internet speed at your home

Have you ever tried to count how many devices are connected to the internet at your home? You may get surprised by the numbers. Take a standard five-member family. Each is carrying an online smartphone. Probably all of them are having access to the computer. Already there are the devices. Additionally, you can count on smart TVs, security systems, home automation equipment. You may end up with a couple of dozens of devices connected to the internet or the local network. If your internet speed is mediocre, then you may start facing slowdowns here and there. Continue reading

Why should you get free Instagram followers?

Instagram has become one of the world’s leading social media platforms. It has audiences of all age groups, but younger users, such as teenagers, are in the majority. What sets Instagram apart from others is its type of content. Like Vine, Instagram is very much about short videos. Everybody on Instagram, like other social media sites, has a personal profile. Again, like other platforms, users. I like, comment on, and share other people’s content. They can also follow accounts they find interesting. People with original content are more likely to be more visible and discovered by many people. Your videos can also be of good quality. However, this is not always enough. Continue reading

3 Highly Effective SEO Techniques To Grow Organic Traffic in [2021]

SEO is a dynamic craft that is continuously evolving. If you want to solve the algorithm’s equation for ranking high in search results and driving traffic to your site, you need to keep up with the organic search developments religiously. If you follow up on industry experts such as Minttwist, London, you can get to grips with organic search insights. Sifting through monthly Google updates reports can help to get a good understanding of how the algorithm is changing and the type of content that can get your pages high on the first page of the search engine page results (SERPs). Here are three techniques you should definitely have in mind if you’re in the process of building strategies for organic traffic growth. Continue reading