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The Best Cable TV Provider in the US

TV watching habits are changing swiftly, but Cable TV somehow manages to take the spot for being more reliable when compared to other alternatives available out there. We all have tasted the frustration of waiting for a season to stop buffering or a satellite dish to be a little less finicky. While comparing and choosing between multiple cable providers is a lot like comparing Coke to Pepsi, only the true connoisseurs can tell the difference. However, I have taken the labor to sort this one for you. What follows is the list of reasons that make cox cable tv, one of the best in the US. In short, this is the provider that won’t disrupt the game night, news or your favorite season finale for one. Continue reading

3 Best Anonymous Hacker Email Service To Protect Your Privacy!

Hmmm, mainstream email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook read your messages and share information with product makers for serving you ads. In a digital era, the fact of being snooping on your data may be ok with a lot of users, but what about those who are extra vigilant about their privacy? Maybe, you desire to keep your information safe or share with your partners, co-workers, or friends about something ultra-secret (shh, state-sponsored corporations wants to detect your location!) Or you just tired of infinite spam. Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Hashtags! A Guide for Social Media Hashtags

Hashtags began on Twitter and gradually made their way onto almost every major social media platform. Over the years, hashtagging has grown in popularity and now connects users on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, and YouTube. The practice revolutionized global communication and continues to bridge the distance between users as well as the gap between companies and consumers. The term “hashtag” refers to any topic or discussion on social media preceded by the hash (#) sign. Using hashtags on social media allows users to follow and share specific content. Essentially, they help to organize the vast amount of posts and daily conversations shared across social media. Continue reading

Private Messenger: How To Find, Where To Look

Many messengers are centralized which means there is some main server that keeps everything you send stored. Furthermore, this stored data can be used by third parties. In case the messenger does not provide encryption, the content of messages can be easily revealed. Being the only master of your life, you can keep at least some part of your lives to yourself by using a private messenger. And these are the options you have. Continue reading

5 Tips to Protect Your Home Wireless Network from Hackers

With 4.3 internet-enabled devices per person in use nationwide, it’s more important than ever to protect your home network from hackers – especially since many connected devices lack the robust anti-malware protection used on tablets, laptops, and smartphones. But you don’t have the advantage of an IT support staff to call on when it’s your home network or personal devices at risk. And with cyber attacks getting more sophisticated, it’s no longer enough to simply install an antivirus program on each separate device and call it a day. No, your home network security has to get more sophisticated to keep up with advances in cybercrime strategies and techniques. You need a secure gateway and network that hackers can’t get into – or at least one that will prove so challenging to hack that they’ll give up and look elsewhere for easier pickings. You also need to be careful when you use the internet, so you don’t fall prey to common social engineering scams. Hackers are targeting those who are most vulnerable which are the innocent children and not tech-savvy elderly… Continue reading