Torrenting Lets You Share Large Files

Torrenting is a method to download large files from the Internet. It is very different from routine downloads. Instead of downloading a file from a central network at one go; a torrent breaks the large file into small pieces called ‘packets’. These packets are downloaded and shared from a network of computers downloading the same file as you. This is called the Peer to Peer network to download files. If one source of download is inactive, you can depend on other sources to download the file. The torrent file you use keeps track of which user has which packet and the alternates for you to download. During a regular download, if you are downloading a large file, it can take a very long time and can even cause the server to crash if many users are trying to download the same large file simultaneously. Torrenting resolves these issues as the packets are taken from multiple servers. Every user who downloads a torrent is called a leecher and acts as a mini-server. This significantly lowers the load on the network and… Continue reading

Internet Monitoring Software For Your Company: Good Investment Or Not?

Using activity monitoring software is an excellent way to track your employees’ internet usage. It works by recording everything sent over your intranet and the internet, and can even record data such as emails and chats. Besides, you can set up filters to block certain websites, monitor the type of content that your employees are viewing, and prevent them from using social media networks like Facebook or Twitter on company time. Continue reading

Creation and Distribution of Content to Boost Social Media Presence

It’s almost impossible to know any business that doesn’t have a social media presence. It started as an online medium for people to connect. However, companies rely on various social media platforms to market their products and services, grow their customer base, and increase profits. As an entrepreneur, you know you can’t afford to miss out on social media’s advantages to your business. So, what makes social media a successful tool for business? Continue reading

iTop VPN – The Best Virtual Private Network Ever Made

Virtual Private Network or VPN for short allows you to keep your IP address private. Not only keep your address secret, but the network can also encrypt your data traffic. By keeping your IP address secret and encrypting your data traffic, you can prevent someone from illegally accessing your online activities. There are many VPN services that you can use, but how to choose the best one? It never hurts to take inspiration from others, and if you ask us, we’d recommend a free VPN named iTop VPN. Continue reading

10 Quick Hacks to Help You Improve Your Social Media Reach

When building your online presence somewhere along the way, you’ll realize that social media is not just about building profiles and posting content. You’ll encounter more important terms, like social media reach as part of key performance indicators (KPIs). Social media reach refers to the total number of unique people who see your content. You can use this metric to gauge whether your campaign is working or has achieved the target reach you set for your campaign. If not, it only implies that you need to make some changes to align with your business’s goals. Continue reading

What Is Proxmox?

There are many factors to consider if you’re choosing a server management platform for enterprise virtualization. One of the most critical questions you have to ask yourself is whether you have the infrastructure to manage your servers in-house or whether outsourcing these responsibilities with an option like VMware is more advisable. However, it’s important to note Proxmox is a free cloud infrastructure provider, whereas VMware is a proprietary enterprise-level solution. Proxmox offers incredible flexibility and integration options that make it appealing for any enterprise with an extensive in-house IT infrastructure. But if you don’t have that infrastructure in place, it will be difficult to take advantage of Proxmox. This article discusses what Proxmox can offer enterprise-level companies. Understanding Proxmox’s capabilities will help you decide whether choosing an open-source management platform is right for your company or whether you should look for a proprietary option such as VMware. Continue reading