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SEO Tips for a Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Search engine friendly web design is a method of developing and designing the website so that it becomes search-engine friendly. Developing an SEO friendly website means the search engine will be able to crawl every page available on your website efficiently, also interpret the content adequately, and index in their database. When the website is indexed, they are able to serve the most appropriate and helpful web pages to their users on the basis of the topic they are searching for. If the SEO strategies are better and the more you focus on designing a search engine friendly website there are more chances of ranking on the top page of the search results. Continue reading

Building A Loyal Social Audience Will Enhance Website Traffic

It is not an easy task to build a loyal audience, even if you have fantastic content that attracts lots of viewers. The most challenging part is to sustain these visitors and convert them into your loyal audience. Though content is at the core of social marketing, growth is undoubtedly not a hack, according to experts. They have, however, detailed a few proven strategies that may help you to build a loyal audience most successfully and effectively. These steps will ensure that your audience is growing as desired and in the right way. Continue reading

Analyzing Instagram Analytics Framework And Different Metrics

You can measure the performance of your posts on Instagram with the help of different useful metrics that Instagram provides. You can even create various on different parameters by using different customizable widgets. Some of these metrics are: Public metrics will help you to compare the competitors’ pages and know about your follower growth and total followers, the number of posts, level of interactions, the top content, most engaging, and distribution of post types. Private metrics will help you to make a report on the performance of the managed Instagram profiles. Impressions will help you to know the total number of times the users viewed your stories and posts. Reach will tell about the number of unique accounts or users that viewed your posts and stories and this can be lower than impressions because one person can receive several impressions and Website clicks will tell you about the total number of clicks made to the links that you have included in the business profile description. You will also get useful data related to profile views, which is the number of… Continue reading

Why Hire Open-Source Development Agency over Online Website Builders

Open-Source Development technologies are penetrating the deepest roots of the society because of its multiple features and benefits. Their functions are endless and assist developers in developing something robust, intuitive, healthy, stable as well as reliable.  Since it is highly scalable and potent, worldwide businesses prefer it to any other proprietary platform.  However, it must be noted that experienced and expert open-source developers are rare; therefore, it makes sense to select a well-established company that has a pool of talent, experienced, and expert open-source developers and can develop anything irrespective of its complexity.  Continue reading

Understanding the Threat of TCP Amplification in DDoS Attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a particularly annoying type of attack since they can cause damage to a target system without the victim having done anything “wrong”. Unlike many types of cyberattacks, which can be traced back to the failure to apply a patch for a known vulnerability or human employees falling for a phishing attack, the only things that a DDoS victim do to make them vulnerable to attack are having a web presence and failing to deploy a DDoS protection solution. DDoS attackers are constantly working to evolve their attacks to slip past the protections that organizations deploy on their networks. A recent development in DDoS attacks is the use of TCP reflection attacks as a DDoS amplifier. Continue reading

Top Tips to Protect Your SME From Cyberattacks in 2020

Did you know that 60% of SME’s who experience a cyberattack will go out of business within 6 months of being targeted? That being said, senior decision-makers at small businesses might still feel that they are unlikely to be attacked and, therefore, do not take adequate measures to protect themselves. It’s a sad fact, but cybercriminals are becoming more ruthless and sophisticated every day, with new developments in malware posing more risks to your business than ever before. Thankfully, there are steps that you can and should take as an SME owner to ensure that your business is as safe and secure as possible. Starting with . . . Continue reading