Why the Smartphone Is the Next Step for the Gambling Industry

Smartphones are all around us. That’s no secret. However, we have yet to unlock their true potential. Yes, they’re great overall, but there’s a lot of room for improvement. A lot. So much so that many industries have started shifting their focus more onto the mobile scene instead of the desktop environment.


There are multiple reasons why developers all around the world have started shifting their focus. Even simple games like americas cardroom mobile are shifting their focus from desktop versions. And when it comes to the gambling industry, the advantages are even more evident once you compare the legislation in different countries and once you start taking into account that people love convenience now more than ever. Let’s go into the nitty-gritty details.

Social Networks Are One Touch Away

The smartphone is optimized for everything social today. Since gambling is a hobby shared by many sociable people, it is only natural that the most popular apps and websites would be optimized for such a platform.

With notable contenders such as the BetConstruct fantasy sports software hitting mobile in full force, it’s no wonder why so many online sportsbook providers have also shifted their focus on the smartphone. By creating an account using their Facebook profile, people can now connect and compete against each other in card games and other casino activities easily.

Furthermore, you can use certain social networks to play gambling games with your friends without using any money. Those are called social casino games and they’re the safest form of gambling because they require no currency from you. But you also can’t win anything either.

Augmented Reality Is Actually Useful

When going to a real casino, having a gadget that can super-impose useful information over an object by simply looking at it is mind-blowing. Don’t know how to play a game? Use your smartphone to scan the environment, and through the casino’s app, you’ll be able to learn what each game, table, and other amenities are all about.

smartphone apps

Furthermore, augmented reality can also be used when you’re at home and playing live casino games with others. You can use a set of real cards, scan them with your smartphone, and they’ll automatically appear as card skins in your game. Many more similar innovations are awaiting their arrival.

Digital Payments Are Safer With NFC

Many bettors prefer using crypto to top up their online gambling wallets. And, in turn, many casinos allow users to pay and withdraw cryptocurrencies. However, not all people want to store their Bitcoin wallets on their PC or phone. They prefer storing their crypto in a physical wallet and using their smartphone’s NFC capability to commit the exchange.

This way, they avoid storing that precious data on their easily accessible devices. Hackers can’t access your wallet if it’s not connected to the internet. It’s as simple as that. This is why we also highly recommend you keep your sensitive data off the cloud and onto an external hard drive locked somewhere safe.

Smartphones Have Better Security Overall

You’ve probably heard of two-factor authentication by now. Basically, your smartphone can be used as a secondary code generator to log in to many different websites and apps. And speaking of apps, each casino’s proprietary smartphone app is usually a lot more secure than a regular website because it doesn’t have the vulnerabilities of a browser.

On top of that, you can also find apps like Google Authenticator on smartphones, which work just like traditional two-factor authentication, except instead of receiving an SMS, the app generates a code automatically for you every random number of seconds. Simple, easy to use, and as secure as it gets.

In Closing

What are your thoughts on this entire ordeal? Do you agree that the move to the smartphone is indeed a great idea? Or do you think that we should still rely mostly on desktops? Leave us a comment below with your ideas and opinions regarding this subject matter.

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