Essential Apps for Protecting Your Privacy Online

Before cellphones, every teenager, businessperson, or homemaker would keep a diary to write down small reminders, notes, or important information. With the coming of cellphones, all of us realized how useful this gadget is that stores most of our data, taking limited space. A cellphone singularly has replaced a good number of devices from around us. For example, if you are working in your kitchen and want to watch a show, you don’t have to continually poke your hideout of the kitchen to get your show’s updates; you can keep a phone in your kitchen, stream the channel on it and watch your show whilst making dinner/lunch/breakfast. Just like that, if you are busted in huge traffic and urgently need to appear in a meeting, you can use Skype on your cellphone and be virtually present for the meeting. If you’re a student and need to read the book that you forgot at home, you can download it on your phone and read it anywhere, anytime you like. However, all of these activities require a high-speed internet connection. You could go for any service provider you like, but we would recommend you to check out AT&T wireless if you have coverage. It offers some amazing plans at affordable prices, and AT&T customer service is rated number 1 in the country.

Similarly, there will be many instances when you will use your phone to save specific data on it, either the data is personal or professional – you need to be highly protective of it. Because your phone is the device that you keep in your hands at all times, there will come instances when you might lose your phone at a place because of your un-mindfulness. That won’t be your fault. You cannot be with your phone all the time. And mistakes could happen to anybody. In this situation, your phone might go into someone’s hands you don’t quite trust. It could be a stranger, or it could be a friend. The thing is, you are not comfortable with the idea of leaving your phone with somebody who can access your personal data. Your data could be related to your personal life or professional, and the bottom line is personal. What you need to do in this case is to keep your phone locked. If not your phone, then at least your private folders like gallery, chats, etc. 

To avoid the situation where you have to risk leaving your phone with somebody you are not comfortable sharing your personal data with, you can download the following applications. 


As self-explanatory as it sounds, the purpose of this application is to keep your phone safe and private by providing you with a space of folders – each reserved for a specific type of content. With each folder, you have a specific feature. For example, you will have one folder that you can use to keep all your private data. This folder will have a PIN and a password. There are other modes of privacy generating features that will help the user make his personal, convenient choice. 


Now, when securing documents – either personal or professional – or keeping a diary on your phone, you have the best app that ensures safety to your private content. Not only that, but you can also save your photos and videos in this locked closet of an application to which only you get the key. This application is for every type of content you carry on your phone: images, videos, files, or documents. 

How does it work?

It provides you with the option to put a lock on your application with a PIN or a fingerprint/pattern. Now, someone might see the application on your phone that you might feel a bit uncomfortable because of the suspicion raised by the observer. This application allows you to keep yourself safe from the observer by making it invisible to save yourself from this embarrassment. But how would that work? You will be given a code, which, if you use it, the application will magically reappear on your phone. This is how convenient AppLock has made it for you. 


To use this application, you have to synchronize your Gmail account to it. Once it receives the notification of connectivity, you will be asked to select the files that you need to save in this application. Its most interesting, kind of a little sneaky feature is that it takes the photo of the person who attempts to unlock the code on your phone. It has to take some tries to be able to it. You might end up finding the pictures of your cats or sometimes your sneaky colleagues who try to invade your phone’s privacy. 

Hide Something 

With over 5 Million users, the application has the ability to hide itself and the content saved in it by providing you with a code, fingerprint detector, or pattern generator to secure your content from the sneaky people around you. One reason why this application is so famous is that it allows people to save the data in different themes and versions. It comes with its Advanced Viewer Display that allows you to view high-definition images. It has almost all those features that you would need from such an application. It has another feature, which is that it allows Google Drive backup. 

Private Zone

This application has taken a step ahead in ensuring privacy to your phone in some smart ways. Keeping a private application on display is not always the best sight for your parents or guardians. You want the feature that could help you keep itself invisible and some of the content you need to hide from your nosey onlooker. Then another pickle out of this situation is when you put your social media accounts on privacy so that no one can access them. But sometimes you need to show a picture, an article or news to somebody and you feel reserved doing that. How about you are provided with an application that hides your content, duplicates the applications, and masquerades them in other insignificant application outlooks. Private Zone is your application if this is exactly what you are looking for.

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