Wix – a web platform for auto-website creation

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Over the past few years in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong, Wix has cemented its place as a leading website creating a platform offering people a chance to create free personalized websites in a few clicks. People who wish to have more customization abilities to improve their website can do so through the platform’s paid packages. And while every concept has its advantages and disadvantages, we will look into this major success story in detail through this article.

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10 Web Design Trends That People Are Talking About

Looking to start a blog and need some ideas for your site’s design? While you can’t go wrong with a standard blog design, there are many unique design concepts and trends that can help your blog stand out. The design community has seen many trending designs that have become mainstream now due to their effectiveness. Some examples of this are the hero image, minimalist design, and flat designs. If you want to get an idea of what people are talking about today, here are the best website design trends to keep an eye out for. Trend #1: Big Bold Typography More web design firms are taking chances with typography based web designs. They’re using oversized typography to really make a big statement and convey a clear message to their visitors. They’re also using custom typefaces and using anywhere from three to four typefaces to create contrast. This is a different take on the minimalist design and works really well if you want to communicate to your visitors straightforwardly.

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