USB PIC Programmer

If you are looking for USB PIC programmer. Here is a nice PIC programmer designed by ‘keolereaon’ a member on .This programmer supports pic10F, 12F, 16C, 16F, 18F, 24Cxx EEPROM. It works with only Winpic800 v.355. This is one of the fastest and also the best method to program the popular series of PIC microcontroller. The programmer includes all the things that are required that is the hex file, winpic800, PCB board in ARES and also the schematic.  The schematics as well as the PCB along with the photos was developed by PICMASTERS, based on some valuable work done before All the files which include the usb driver, layout of the circuit, hardware setting programmer are included in a file which can be found on author article on The good thing about the project is that the project is totally open source and hence every one can contribute to its growth at any point of time. Continue reading

Turning Raspberry PI in to PIC programmer

Raspberry Pi is pretty popular Linux on a small board solution. It can do lots of stuff you can think off, so Giorgio Vazzana decided to build a PIC programmer. The RasPi software (called rpp) is written for GCC without any external library. So it can be compiled by running make command. The more hustle there is with programmer physical interface as PIC requires high voltage (12V) supply in programming mode and 5V to drive logic. So it needs additional hardware attached to Raspberry Pi, because it provides only 3.3V. Currently programmer supports only 11 PIC16 chips without ICSP support. Hopefully this project will evolve in to more usable. Continue reading

DIY Your Own PIC Programmer Today!

You have been very frustrated about the already setup PIC programmer, and wish that you can have an easier to have a PIC programmer, which can be re-programmed easily? Instead of complaint about the matter, it is better to DIY a sophisticated PIC-Programmer for your own use… The PIC-Programmer that you are going to develop was a modification of a JDM-Programmer. This mean you have to connect the PIC-programmer with the serial com port of your computer! Since this device don’t even need any additional external power supply, thus you’ll save a lot of money here. Ok, you must be wondered that what types of PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM’s you should use in this project. Well, since there is no any restriction for the PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM, you can use this PIC-burner for PIC12C50x, PIC12F62x, PIC16Fxx, PIC16F62x and EEPROM 24Cxx. Compared with the other projects, this PIC-programmer is regarding as one of the easy to build and compact electronics project. The three LEDs on the board are used to indicate the state of the burning process. The signal for… Continue reading