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The Easy to Implement PIC and EEPROM Programmer

Most of you guys here have very familiar with the PIC and EEPROM, but have you ever imagined combining these two stuffs and transforming it into a superior JDM Programmer? Well, before we get this project started, you might be interested to know more about the fact of EEPROM. Do you know that the EEPROM is the shortened form of “Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory”, which it is a type of non-volatile memory that being used in computers and other electronic devices. The main function of EEPROM is to store small amounts of data that strictly be saved when power is removed. As a result, when larger amounts of static data are to be stored, a very specific type of EEPROM like flash memory is considering as more economical than… Continue reading

DIY Your Own PIC Programmer Today!

You have been very frustrated about the already setup PIC programmer, and wish that you can have an easier to have a PIC programmer, which can be re-programmed easily? Instead of complaint about the matter, it is better to DIY a sophisticated PIC-Programmer for your own use… The PIC-Programmer that you are going to develop was a modification of a JDM-Programmer. This mean you have to connect the PIC-programmer with the serial com port of your computer! Since this device don’t even need any additional external power supply, thus you’ll save a lot of money here. Ok, you must be wondered that what types of PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM’s you should use in this project. Well, since there is no any restriction for the PIC microcontrollers and EEPROM, you can… Continue reading