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ATmega32 starter board with LCD

Everybody that are starting with microcontrollers need some starting point – I mean a development board where they can prototype various projects and figure out how things works in embedded world. Atmega32 should be enough for many tasks you chose as it is featured with 32KB flash, 2KB SRAM and 1KB EEPROM and even more handy interfaces. This DIY Atmega32 development board has a standard alphanumeric LCD, RS232 interface to connect to PC, four programmable buttons, two additional buttons to generate external interrupts and DS1307 RTC chip – for easy time counting without occupying microcontroller’s resources. The board comes with standard 7805 voltage regulator, so any DC voltage sources up to 12V can be attached. If you are interested in following features just grab this design. It has no SMD’s so there should be no problem for everybody to build. Continue reading