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Updated AVR-GCC LCD library with mixed pin support

Probably you have found yourself in situation when one or another source library wouldn’t fit your needs. In this particular case we speak about alphanumeric AVR-GCC LCD library for AVR microcontrollers. Most of them are great and optimal but have a limitation that doesn’t allow connecting LCD as you want. For instance this older AVR-GCC LCD library re quire that LCD pins were connected to same port and be aligned as 1, 2, 3… But what if you need to connect one pin to PORTD, another to PORTB, third to PORTC and so on. Scienceprog came up with simple solution. He updated his library to support LCDs connected to AVR in any way. If you have a development board where various pins are occupied with other functions – you can use left pins to attach LCD to display additional information. Library can be downloaded here. Library supports four modes where tow of them (4-bit and 8-bit) are left from old version so any existing code with it will work fine. Two additional modes (4-bit_mix and 8-bit_mix) were added to let… Continue reading