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All you need to know about AVR fuses

avr crystal oscillator

AVR lock bits and fuses are one of the topics that may cause some confusion. If you missed something or set one bit wrong, it may lead to failure – bricking whole AVR chip. So it is important to understand once and do things right. Even though datasheets give enough information about AVR fuses, many times, we feel somewhat unsure before executing write command. Let us go through main features of AVR fuses and lock bits so next time we would feel safe and get expected results. Continue reading

AVR fuses – there is always something to learn

Programing AVR fuses is something you should understand well before hitting button. Lots of starters burned out by trying and failing. So there is a good advice – read, understand and follow documentation. But we all agree that official documentations and datasheets are quite boring to read. This is why it is good to look around maybe there are some great tutorials on this subject. Embedder’s life have posted a short tutorial about AVR Fuses. It goes through understanding how fuses work, what problems you may face by setting one or another fuse. And finally real examples on how to program fuses using avrdude command line tool. Continue reading