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Steps to Take Before Hiring a Military Divorce Lawyer

If you’re looking for a divorce lawyer and you or your partner are in the military or a retired member of the military then you’ll need to look into hiring a military divorce lawyer. Military divorce lawyers are lawyers that handle special proceedings when it comes to one member being in the military and in a relationship where divorce is going to happen. These special types of lawyers are necessary for this scenario because it can present some unique military issues that will need to be addressed.


Read on to find the steps you’ll need to take before hiring a military divorce lawyer.

Step 1: Make sure you’re ready for divorce

The first, and most obvious, step is making sure that you and your partner are ready for a divorce. If one partner in the relationship is refusing to cooperate or you feel that you’re not actually ready for a divorce then it’ll make the actual divorce process so much worse. Making sure you’re ready for a divorce and your partner is prepared for what might happen in the future is the very first thing you’ll need to do before hiring a military divorce lawyer.

Step 2: Learn about the 10/10 Rule for Military Retirement

The 10/10 Rule for Military Retirement is a rule that applies to the spouse of someone in the military for at least ten years. This rule states that the spouse is entitled to direct payment of the retirement from DFAS. At the end of the day, the state court has full jurisdiction over this rule but it’s best to do your research on it so it doesn’t take you by surprise. Doing research on something like this might seem like the job of your military divorce lawyer, but it’ll help you understand what you’re getting into and how things could possibly go. You don’t want to be stumped when you find out all of the different possibilities that could happen after your divorce is over.

Step 3: Learn about the Blended Retirement System

Another thing you’ll need to learn about before hiring a military divorce lawyer is the Blended Retirement System. The reason you’ll need to study up on it is that many military divorce lawyers will struggle with fighting for your case because of this newer rule. In this rule, the military member’s retirement multiplier is reduced from 2.5 percent to 2 percent. Additionally, there’s a 5 percent government match into the TSP, and continuation pay available that needs to be discussed if the member of the military has reached 12 years of service. This system was put into place in 2018 so it’s relatively new and that’s why many military divorce lawyers can struggle with getting all of these different terms situated for their clients.

Step 4: Find a military divorce lawyer that has handled a lot of cases

Military divorces can be tricky so it’s important that you find a military divorce lawyer that is well educated and has a long history of these cases. Military divorce lawyers at Military Divorce Chesapeake can help you with situations such as these and specialize in them. As with any lawyer and court situation, the better and more experienced your lawyer is will give you a better chance of getting the ruling you want in the courtroom. These kinds of court cases can be complex and tricky for a military divorce lawyer who is just starting out. You’ll want to put your trust in a lawyer who is a veteran and knows exactly what they are doing when it comes to getting you what you need.

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