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How to Remove a Post from TagTheSponsor.com

TagTheSponsor.com is not a site you want your information to find its way on to. The people shown in its posts are far from business professional. If you find yourself dealing with a post featuring your information on TagTheSponsor.com, whether it is true or fabricated, there is a lot of information you need to know.


It is possible to remove a post from TagTheSponsor.com, but it is far from convenient. You can contact the website directly through their contact email, submit a DMCA notice, or meet with a legal expert to remove the post. Be aware of protections that are in place that we will talk about and get a grip on the whole situation before trying to dissolve it the fastest way possible. By taking a shortcut, you could make things worse for yourself.

What is TagTheSponsor.com?

TagTheSponsor.com is a site that exposes women who offer their bodies for money. People make posts and add real pictures of people, along with their full names and location. Although the scandalous acts the posts claim are happening or are being offered are not something to be proud of, no woman wants to have their name on that site. It could be especially embarrassing if the post made about a person was a complete lie fabricated to make them look bad. It is extremely hard to prove posts to be false because anyone can post on the website, and it can be even harder to remove them.

What is Online Defamation / Cyber Libel?

Online defamation, or cyber libel, describes the malicious act of wrecking another person’s or a business’s reputation by posting false statements about them online. People do this to make the targeted person look bad for whatever reason that may be.

False statements on the internet are nothing to laugh at when it involves revealing the identity and exact location of a person who does not want that information shared. It hurts that person’s reputation, and if their career relies on their reputation, that kind of exposure can be severely damaging. Not to mention, it is a violation of privacy and could put them in danger in the worst of cases.

Even if the information posted about someone is not true, readers online do not have a way of telling the truth on those types of posts, so the person’s reputation gets hurt regardless.

Getting exposed on TagTheSponsor.com is not something that can go overlooked if it is found out by someone important, so you must take action to remove the post as soon as possible.

Why is it Difficult to Remove Content from TagTheSponsor.com?

The greatest difficulty you may have with removing content from TagTheSponsor.com is with section 230 of the Communications Decency Act since it creates a safety net for the owner of the website. Because of section 230, the website has no liability for the acts and statements of its users.

It gets hard to remove content because of the way policies like the CDA turn into obstacles in the process. Fair Use can become a problem as well when you are trying to take down a copyrighted picture that was stolen from you. But why are these two things a problem when they do so much good in the internet community?

Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act

Section 230 is a good provision of the CDA (Communications Decency Act) because it ends up allowing people to post more of what they want. Website owners do not have to be as concerned about what users on their website post because they do not claim responsibility, and this part of the law says they are not responsible. A user can post tons of bad reviews and say nothing but criticism, but if they are not violating copyright claims, then the website most likely does not care because it does not affect them in any way.

Unfortunately, this part of the Act gives the website hosts the upper hand when a user tries to request the removal of a picture or post. They can refuse every single request if they want. They only thing they cannot refuse is a court order.

Fair Use

Fair Use is completely different from the CDA. Fair Use is what allows people to freely comment and refer to copyrighted content without having to go through a long process of authorization to use the material. You still cannot take copyrighted material as your own without authorization by the owner, but you can post criticism about the content or use a portion of it to create a new project.

What copyright content classifies as Fair Use and how you can use it depends on the situation entirely. Fair Use can prevent you from removing a picture from TagTheSponsor.com because it would allow the person free range of your content. Of course, it depends on the circumstances of the situation and how they use the picture, but it is unlikely that a personal picture will classify as Fair Use.

The nature of the copyrighted work is taken into consideration when determining Fair Use of copyright content. Content used for creative reasons and artistic expression usually passes as Fair Use, but simply posting a picture without permission to use that picture in the first place will not.

How to Use DMCA to Remove Copyright Content from TagTheSponsor.com

Using DMCA is a way to notify a website of claimed copyright infringement. Someone used your content when they were not supposed to, and Fair Use did not apply to that content so that you can file a DMCA notice. You will need to write up some paperwork covering the details of the infringement.

Make sure to include your contact information and all the necessary details. If you leave out important bits of information regarding the copyrighted material and the infringing post that used it, you are more likely to have the DMCA denied by the website.

Use the DMCA Designated Agent Directory online to find out all the information you are supposed to include and where to send it. You will have to send the DMCA to a designated agent, who will handle removing the content. Most internet service providers have an agent who receives notifications. It is easiest to handle a DMCA with the help of a reputation management service or other legal help.

How to Remove a Post on TagTheSponsor.com

TagTheSponsor.com does not offer tons of help on their website for removing contact. There is a contact email you can reach them at, and that is it. Otherwise, you will need to send a DMCA notification or get a court order. Either way, you may need legal advice to have the best chances of removing the post. Keep in mind that some posts take longer to remove than others.

Reputation Rhino has a team of experts that could prove useful when dealing with removing content from TagTheSponsor. It is an online reputation management service that helps with getting rid of negative content online and repairing reputation. It will take some work to restore your reputation after a bad post online, depending on the severity of the post, so some help from an experienced team of PR professionals will make things easier.

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