SEO Tips for a Search Engine Friendly Web Design

Search engine-friendly web design is a method of developing and designing a website to become search engine friendly. Developing an SEO friendly website means the search engine will be able to crawl every page available on your website efficiently, also interpret the content adequately, and index it in their database. When the website is indexed, it can serve the most appropriate and helpful web pages to its users based on the topic they are searching for. You can improve your Search Ranking if you have a good website design and your site speed is good.

SEO Tips for a Search Engine

According to SEO for dummies, if the SEO strategies are better and the more you focus on designing a search engine-friendly website, there are more chances of ranking on the top page of the search results.

According to SEO audit key points, here are the most effective SEO tips for designing a search engine-friendly website:

1. User-friendly website

The URL of your website should be user-friendly, otherwise, it won’t rank where it should be. Avoid using too many categories in the link. If you want to separate any words in the URL, don’t forget to use hyphens instead of underscores.

A good Content Management System (CMS) can help you with the ability to customize your website URL. Consult with a website design agency for detailed explanations. 

2.  Keyword placement

Keyword research is one of the most important terms of SEO. it is not only important for reaching out to the target audience, but the keywords are most importantly meant for ranking in search engines. The search engine gives information on the basis of users’ searches. The better you place keywords in your content, increases the chances of ranking on different search engines. The aim should be to aim for the correct audience for the content, which can easily satisfy the audience’s needs. Use the keyword tool for reaching out to the target audience and get ranked in search engines.

3.  Use of social media

 Search engines give more value to social media platforms as potential customers. Combining social media platforms in the website design will help rank better in search engines. While designing the website, try to put the icons for all the social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It shows that it is also personable along with a higher ranking in the search engine.

4.  Page speed

The loading time taken for the web pages matters to both users and the search engines, even if you have technically quality content, but if the page speed is slow, it may result in low page traffic. Each second the audience waits for the site to load is your chance of losing traffic. The site audience will never wait more than 3 to 5 seconds for a page to open. Google will lower your site’s ranking because the target audience is not satisfied with the results.

Page loading may slow due to large graphic files, various plug-ins, or an outdated content management system.

5.  Avoid using a huge number of flash elements

Excessive use of flash elements on the website can be distracting for the audience who visits it and can also affect the ranking of search engines. If flash elements are used on the website, then, it gets more difficult for the search engine to rank your website because flash elements are usually devalued by the search engines. So, if you use flash elements on your website, use them in small quantities.

6.  Site navigation

Site navigation has a lot to do with website designing, it refers to how smoothly a visitor can go from one place to another. While designing a website, user-friendly knowledge is always in mind, but it misses easy navigation. Users should always be able to find the information they need without difficulty.

Various options on websites like the homepage, contact, about, product and services, and blogs. It should be located in the right place on the website so a user can go through it comfortably. Using lots of widgets and sidebars can result in loading the page slowly. Only the most relevant sidebars and widgets should be designed on the website.


In web designing, the search engine is the most important factor. Design your website more SEO friendly with this SEO mentioned above tips and improve the visibility of the company; make some changes to your website and see the results in search engine ranking. Also, using helps in growing and measuring the rankings on search engines.

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