Modern Legal Tech Platforms That Can Change A Law Firm

Technology advances at a fast rate right now, affecting how every single industry does business. Law practice is no different. Close to all legal work aspects are being impacted. The law firms that oppose updating practices are exposed to the huge risk of quickly surpassing the competition. According to Joshua Harshberger, the best thing he ever did was to accept using new technology, and the truth is that every legal practice should do the same.

computer and cell phone

There are numerous tech apps and platforms that can be used these days. Those mentioned below stand out as being the most popular. You can always conduct your own research and see what the best pick for your business is.


This software offers a really easy-to-use user interface that combines intuitive project management with automatic contract analysis. Diligen showcases impressive machine learning capabilities and helps the law firm remain focused on the most important tasks, like getting new clients. Staff members can focus on the higher-level tasks as Diligen takes care of reviewing contracts and improves efficiency.

When you use a platform like this, you reduce the human error factor. You can buy it for various amounts with different features, ranging from $350 per month and going as high as $1600 per month.

ROSS Intelligence

The tech platform takes advantage of AI to perform much of the legal research you had to do manually in the past. This automatically speeds up the speed at which the law firm operates. Also, ROSS will monitor law developments that are important for you. If something changes, you get a real-time update to reduce the time needed to stay up-to-date with legal changes.

ROSS Intelligence does cover all law practice areas. It includes a handy case search platform and a completely free brief analyzer. Even cases that received negative treatment can be highlighted. The legal research engine will access a huge law database to answer all legal questions you might have at the moment.


This platform was created to offer law firm employees a completely automated personal assistant that can help carry out daily activities and tasks. Using the tech platform, you can streamline various standard business scenarios, ranging from scheduling meetings to business travel logistics.

Three price points are available with, ranging from free to corporate individually priced. Most of the features are present in the free option, but if you decide to pay, you can access all the interesting available features.


Creating invoices takes a whole lot more than what you initially imagine. Clio is accommodating for law firms to streamline various operations, from document management to billing. Through customizable invoices and time tracking, you can track billable time while you manage to reduce the time you spend on this menial work task. You even get access to cloud technology.

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