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DIY: Using Drones to Sell Your Home

The technology used in real estate follows the same patterns you would see in any other field. The tools used in the field advance and evolve in order to provide new and exciting opportunities. Drones have become the newest up and coming development that have changed the way we approach photography and videography. In an industry that thrives on online presentation and marketing, the more advanced the photography techniques the better. Real estate businesses that invest in drones are seeing a large payoff when they are able to present homes in a manner that provides their customers with incredibly detailed views of a home. Professional real estate companies are able to use drone services as a selling point for their services due to how important their use has become to the business.

How Drones are Used

Drones have become so intertwined with the real estate industry that many believe the tool to be invaluable to their work. The reason why is obvious: flying cameras have revolutionized the industry, overcoming feats that would have been unimaginable a few years prior. Like taking sweeping shots of an estate from hundreds of feet in the air in minutes when it used to take days. The machines are so accurate and easy to control that shots are capable of being taken from as high as hundreds of feet up to as low as a couple inches off of the ground.

Glidecams are the ground-based versions of flying drones and can transition videos to the inside of a home. It has become easier than ever to fully render a home online for buyers to virtually explore. The cameras that can be attached to the flying platforms may be built in or added on, but their quality is commonly above average, Real estate businesses usually spring for the HD camera models which means clear, vibrant pictures of properties. Dramatic shooting is done in a way that adds to a home’s appeal and can takes full advantage of the advanced technology installed into the drone.

Advancing Drone Technology

The original drones, like most technology just starting development, was unwieldy and expensive. The military technology was only available at high prices, while also lacking the durability and utility of modern drones. Newer manufacturing techniques have allowed for dramatic shots in a clarity that would have cost a fortune compared to the prices you can snap them for now. The software has become so advanced and adaptable that you could fly your drone into a home and have it continue taking pictures inside without any danger to the house or to itself.

The drones you can buy online today are often completely customizable too, meaning that the rig can have any number of attachments. Your drone is as expensive as you want it to be, an invaluable part of any DIY project. Once the drone is set up and taking photos, the next step is using these photographs to sell your home. Listings with more photos attract more attention, they feel more honest and provide an in-depth view into any property.

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  1. When my former neighbor sold a house to make a couple of excellent clips about his house using a drone.

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