Virtual entertainment

 Over the past years, technology has progressed exponentially. We no longer need bulky computers to stay connected with other people via internet or play video games. With each new generation, computer hardware has become smaller and more robust to the point in which we can carry all the processing power of an entire personal computer in our pocket. Our thirst for better and more powerful hardware has led to rapid innovations in computing and communication technologies.

Adapting with new technology

In today’s society, whether we like it or not, we spend most of our time in the virtual world. The emergence of the internet has transformed our society, from the way we do business to the way we communicate and process information.

The most important and most used gadget that has transformed the way in which we interact with the world around us is of course, the smartphone. This compact box of interconnected hardware has become an extension of our senses and has transformed the way in which we process information and communicate with each other.

Popular uses of our pocket PC

One favorite aspect of using smartphones is gaming on the go. While in the past, gaming has been a more introverted and isolated form of entertainment; it is not the case today. The gaming industry has been quick in adopting the mobile platform and has had the potential to reach a wider audience. New and rapid technological innovations have led to the possibility of many, if not most, people being able to afford a decent smartphone capable of doing complex tasks and handling intense gaming. People can engage in many forms of online entertainment using their phones. Leisure time can be filled with all sorts of online activities. From listening to music, reading a book or a magazine to watching a movie or playing online video games.


Gaming on smartphones is more appealing to casual gamers for the fact that these types of games don’t require the player to dedicate a lot of time and energy. These games can be played while riding the bus or traveling on a plane. Many adults have also started to adopt the mobile gaming trend. Games like Solitaire can keep your mind busy, and other games like Candy Crush can give you great satisfaction when aligning three colors on the same row, and these are two of the most well-known games out there. Casino gaming brands saw the potential for the mobile platform and developed online slot games for people to enjoy without the need to visit a casino. Online casino gaming has become an enormous trend, and online slots like Book of Ra online and many online games alike have become a great interest for gamers. These types of games can offer many hours of entertainment for most people and are easily accessible. Many other casino brands are releasing slots and online table games each day. With the smartphone’s great graphical fidelity, every new casino game released provides a better gaming experience combined with gorgeous themes. People who have access to mobile phones are no longer bound by computers in order for them to gamble. No matter where players are in the world, they can always play their favorite online casino game. However, there are games for the more serious and dedicated players out there. Popular online games like Fortnite and wide varieties of mmorpg’s tend to be the favorite type of games for more intensive players.

Some thoughts

For today’s generation, it’s hard to imagine a world without this little gadget. It has become so ingrained in our everyday lives, allowing us to stay connected with everything that is happening around us. Most people are familiar with having a bad feeling when leaving the house without this little extension of ourselves. It’s hard to know how the smartphone will evolve in the future and how much it will continue to change the way we interact with others and with the virtual world.

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