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How to Effectively Market a Product

Now that you’ve created or found a product that you are confident will satisfy the needs of your target audience, do you have any idea what you’re going to do next? If you have no previous experience in business, it can be difficult to know which way to turn. How are you able to influence your target audience that your product is worth investing in, and more importantly, how can they find your products to purchase them? These are common questions that aspiring entrepreneurs have, but don’t necessarily know the answers to.

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Gift guides

Have you ever been searching for a gift for someone special with no clue where to start? If so, you may have turned to gift guides as a last resort – and you wouldn’t be alone on that. Many people do market research like gauging a product through market research turkey to gather unique and quirky items that can’t be found elsewhere, so it may be the perfect place to market your product. There are gift guides for all niches and interests, so doing a quick search on Google is likely to give you a list of those that are suitable for the products you offer. Reaching out to the publication may include giving a small pitch about why your product should be featured.

Facebook shop section

Although many people use Facebook simply for social reasons, it can also work wonders for small businesses due to the worldwide audience that uses the platform daily. Businesses can take advantage of the Facebook Business page feature and ‘shop’ section, which links with your online store so that customers can be directed immediately to your products and complete their purchase.

Target influencers

Once you have carried out some research into your target audience, it may be worth seeking social media influencers to market your products or services to their follower base. Influencers are typically categorized as those who are experts in their niche or have a high profile and can influence their followers to buy into their lifestyle through product promotion. Influencer marketing typically relies on gifting products to influencers and paying a fee for their service. The cost of this form of advertisement is usually determined by how many followers each influencer has and their status. It may be worth carrying out some research into the type of influencers which would work well in conjunction with your business type.


YouTube has become the world’s most popular video site, and more and more businesses are making use of the platform to promote their products to a global audience. You don’t need to create a viral video to become a success on YouTube; it’s all about creating relevant videos for your customer base that are both interesting and geared towards their needs. There is a possibility that new viewers may also stumble across your YouTube videos and wish to find out more about your products, so it would always be worth adding a website link within the content.

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