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PCBWay is calling to celebrate 6th anniversary with plenty of gifts for everyone

PCBWay is great PCB manufacturer not only that they provide a full spectrum of services including designing, prototyping and assembling boards of any type. They are always offering the best competitive pricing along with high quality. Check out their services on the main website where you can instantly quote pricing for prototyping, an assembly including flexible, rigid-flex and advanced PCBs.

PCBWay celebrate 6th anniversary

PCBWay is also famous for its community. Everyone including clients, enthusiasts, hobbyists and professionals gather to share projects, help spread knowledge and earn loyalty points so-called Beans that can be spent on gifts in the form of basic modules or complete microcontroller boards. There are plenty of chances to make Beans as PCBWay regularly organizes events, design contests and celebrations, where members can accumulate rewards fast.

Currently, they are running a 6th Anniversary from July 15 till August 15. They have prepared lots of discounts and possibilities to earn free coupons and Beans as well.

The coupons

It appears that PCBWay is giving coupons all year round. And this is true because you always get a $5 coupon when registering for the first time. During this anniversary event, you are getting coupons when placing order. Depending on order size, the coupon can start from $5 for at least $30 orders and can reach up to $200 for orders exceeding $2999.

PCBWay coupons

If you place multiple orders during the event, you can get all seven coupons worth $410. If you are planning a large PCB order, this is the right time to get most of it. If you share the event on social media, you can get another chance to collect all coupons. There are a limited number of free coupons. However, during the anniversary event each order gets “Grand coupons”. The rule: Every paid amount of $100, you can get a $10 coupon. On this basis, $200 get a $20 coupon, $300 get a $30 coupon, $800 get a $80 coupon, $1,000 get a $100 coupon.

All coupons are valid for 60 days.

The lucky draw

During the 6th anniversary event, each purchase will have a chance to try a lucky draw. Once you place an order, you have three times try to draw a random gift like a bag, electronics modules and even free your order.

PCBWay lucky draw

You can draw valuable gifts such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, tools and other neat gadgets found in Gift Shop. On top of coupons, your order value may increase significantly and even become free.

Anniversary sale

PCBWay 6th anniversary is a great time to try any of their services for half price. There are four main special offers. $5 for 10 pcs PCB Prototype. For PCB Assembly service, start from $30 for 10pcs. For advanced PCB and FPC/Rigid-Flex PCB, start from $111 for 10pcs.

PCBWay Anniversary sale

On top of that, they are selling every gift from the gift shop for half price of Beans. Again, your order doesn’t end here – there is a chance to get a merch from the set of  5000 of t-shirts or badges.

More ways to celebrate and receive gifts

The anniversary does not circle around purchasing and receiving gifts. If you are not ready to make a purchase yet, there are other ways to earn rewards and Beans. You can submit a short video (longer than 20 seconds) with PCBWay related story or blessing. The top three best stories with most “Likes” will receive 2000, 5000 and 10000 Beans along with gift bags. The other participants will be awarded 500 – 1000 Beans. The winners will be announced on September 1.

PCBWay Videos

And lastly, by mentioning and sharing the PCBWay 6th-anniversary event on all popular social platforms including Facebook, Twitter and TicToc will give a chance to be selected randomly and granted a special gift.

If you active PCBWay member, order PCBs and other services you can end up with a bunch of gifts and discounts on top of your ordered PCB or another service.

Happy 6th-anniversary PCBWay!

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