How the Mother of the Bride Can Unwind Before Her Daughter’s Big Day

Ask any married woman who her unsung hero was – the person who came to her rescue throughout the wedding planning process – and most will not hesitate to say, “my mom.”

bride and mother

As parents are inclined to do, the mother of the bride offers guidance and support through each step of the process – from engagement to the official pronouncement of husband and wife.

The wedding day is an important day for the bride and groom, and it’s also a huge milestone for the mother of the bride. To get the most out of it, we’ve pinpointed some key ways the mother of the bride can unwind before her daughter’s big day so that when it arrives, she’s rested and rejuvenated. Able to enjoy it to the max.

Two Weeks Before the Wedding

With two weeks to go before the big day, wedding-related tasks are probably still to cross off the list. Hair and nail appointments likely need to be confirmed, and dresses must be tried on again to ensure they fit perfectly and still look and feel wedding-worthy.

If the mother of the bride still hasn’t picked out what she’s going to wear, now is the time. This article is full of fresh takes and dress inspiration for the mother of the bride dresses designed to make her look – and, more importantly, feel – her best.

As the last tasks get ticked off the to-do list, it’s time to pile on the self-care. Add a massage or a spa day to the schedule. Those who don’t enjoy a massage make time for whatever activities they find rejuvenating. A hike or time in nature, perhaps.

One Week Before

This is the week the fingernails get polished. The feet get scrubbed, massaged, and ready for those strappy sandals post-pedicure.

It’s easy to let the stress of any last-minute wedding planning details overtake everything else, but with a little preparation, it can easily be managed.

The week before the wedding, the mother of the bride should focus on taking care of herself as best she can and perhaps extending a little care to the bride if she sees fit.

Taking care includes:

Eating Well

Keep minimally processed and nutritious food on hand. Feeling good starts with treating the body well, and it’s easy when stressed to gravitate toward foods that aren’t as healthy. Having fresh ingredients in the fridge increases the likelihood of eating well.

Managing Stress

Stress is an inevitable byproduct of wedding planning, but it can be managed through exercise, mindfulness, and meditation.

Taking care and unwinding means being intentional and proactive, making time for it in the coming days. Consider walking, taking a slow, calming yoga class, or searching for free mindfulness exercises online.

Getting Enough Sleep

A good night’s rest comes with a slew of health benefits and setting people up for a good day. However, when nerves, excitement, and worry about forgetting something or something going wrong are within arm’s reach, it’s easy to let them take over and spend precious sleep time fretting over things that probably aren’t even happening.

Getting enough sleep before the big day is easier said than done.

Here are some ways known to help with sleep:

  • Take a relaxing warm bath before bed
  • Sip some herbal tea
  • Practice deep breathing or meditation; anything that calms the mind. 

There are sleep videos and a slew of free guided relaxation sessions, all available online and on YouTube. 

Find the ones that work in advance so as not to spend the night before the wedding going down a YouTube rabbit hole in an ill-fated attempt to relax.

The Day Before

The day before the wedding is an exciting day indeed! It can be a very special day, especially if the bride and mother spend it together.

Whether celebrated together or apart, the day before the wedding should be spent in utter relaxation. 

It’s a day to be taken slowly and enjoyed. It’s a day for massages. A day for a low-key, relaxing picnic in a sunny park. A day spent on the couch, looking at old photos and listening to stories. 

Perhaps the mother of the bride has some advice to share as she relives her wedding day.

It’s a day to be spent filling the cup. Doing whichever activities promote joy and restoration.

The Night Before

The night before the wedding is accompanied by nerves and excitement. These can be alleviated through a calming bath, face mask, herbal tea, and a book or low-key movie.

Getting as much sleep as possible is important so everyone can wake up feeling amazing. Ready for a very special day.


By scheduling calming activities and other tasks commonly associated with wedding planning, it will be much easier to wake up feeling relaxed and energized on the day. 

Ready to seize the wedding day?  

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