How to make a first date unforgettable

The first meeting is always exciting for both men and women. You can make a good impression or alienate a potential partner at this moment.  

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The focus of Ukrainian brides in preparation is directed to external appeal. They know that men are aesthetes, meaning they first appreciate beauty. Before the meeting, the best outfit is selected, several cosmetic procedures are performed, nails are designed, and an incredible hairstyle is created. Anything to impress the groom! 

Men are less obsessed with their appearance because they understand that the representatives of the weaker sex pay attention to their actions and welfare. Their main task on the first date is to surprise the future bride, to make it clear that they are capable of much. 

Creating the perfect meeting is worth remembering exactly what the lady expects and having time to know her interests. 

What do women expect from a first date? 

Every girl is romantic. Parents tell their daughters a fairy tale about a prince on a white horse from an early age. Therefore, in adulthood, every girl looks for just such a man. 

Modern guys don’t wear armor, and live horses are replaced by iron ones. One thing remains unchanged – the deeds for the sake of the beloved. That is what a woman will expect from you at the first meeting. Many men believe that such a position is inappropriate to start dating. This opinion is absolutely wrong, as each side has mutual expectations. The girl tries to attract her partner with the beauty of her figure, and the groom demonstrates what he can give her. Successful, for example, Ukrainian marriages are built on this. 

At the first personal acquaintance, ladies expect to see a promising man, to feel themselves in good hands. The financial aspect isn’t of great importance because girls are ruled by emotions. Dinner cooked at home, a hand-picked bouquet will bring Slavic girls a lot of pleasure. 

Want to impress? Do it! 

There is no single recipe for a perfect first date because every girl is unique. When communicating, it’s better to find out the interests of a potential wife, her hobbies, and her wishes and implement them. This way, she will ensure that she is listened to and heard. 

You may surprise with: 

  • Candlelight dinner. A classic and win-win option for men with any budget. Candles, delicious food, and unobtrusive music make both parties feel relaxed. A chamber atmosphere always brings people closer, and women like it.
  • Walk around the night city. This is the time of day when the story of many couples begins because the romantic atmosphere fills the street. Invite your partner to drink wine, and take her to colorful and picturesque places. If you’re lucky, the first kiss will happen there, which you will remember.
  • Favorite flowers. Nothing is more versatile than a beautiful bouquet as a first-date present. Specify the girl’s preferences, so the gift brings pleasure and reflects your interest.
  • Dancing. Music combined with the atmosphere on the dance floor liberates even the most modest people. Dance allows you to demonstrate temperament and feelings; therefore, a meeting in a club will pleasantly impress any girl. Especially, Ukrainians, Moldavians, and sexy Slavic women love dancing.
  • Romantic places. Such a location can be the roof of a high-rise building, where lovers will not be distracted by random passers-by and onlookers. Ladies appreciate the creative approach to organizing dates. At the same time, it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel by dragging a table with chairs. Limit yourself to a blanket, a bottle of champagne, and candles.
  • The last row in the cinema. According to statistics, 40% of relationships begin here. A good movie will spark discussion after watching it. It will reveal the interests of everyone, and the subdued light will allow you to get closer. 

When planning a date, you must be guided by the heart’s call and your partner’s preferences. Don’t strive to jump over your head because the truth will quickly emerge. Be yourself, surprise to the best of your ability, and strive to have a good time together. Your partner will certainly feel it and will appreciate the effort, which could be the beginning of a long relationship and the first step to starting a family.

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