Four Types of Online Games You Can Play Today

It would be fair to say that gamers have never had it so good.

Long gone are the days that they would have to fork out a small fortune for the latest console releases – back when the likes of the Sega MegaDrive and the Super Nintendo had a monopoly on gaming, at least.

Today, there are few barriers to entry in gaming thanks to the availability of super-fast internet speeds and the capabilities of contemporary smartphones and tablets. These days, many of us carry a mini-game console with us in our pockets wherever we go!

There’s a broad range of categories in online gaming, and with app-based gaming so affordable, anybody can download the latest releases or enjoy them via their device’s browser.

To help you get started, here are four gaming categories you can try today:

First-Person Shooter

It’s you and your gun against the world in a first-person shooter (FPS), with many of today’s most popular games – from Call of Duty to CG: GO – falling into this category.

While the FPS genre is wedded to the idea of single-player action, gone are the days when you’d stalk the space battleground in Doom alone. Today, you can take on human opponents online, with deathmatch and ‘capture the flag’ style game modes remaining as popular as ever.

First-person shooters are one genre that has allowed eSports – today a multi-billion pound industry – to thrive worldwide.

Real-Time Strategy

While a pretty open-ended gaming category, real-time strategy (RTS) titles require some thought and logic for players to succeed.

Some examples include role-playing games (RPG) that require players to enhance their skills and/or craft weapons and powers, as well as when commanding armies or building entire cities from the ground up in Civilization.

Many RPS games can be played individually or in teams, with online worlds a perfect fit for these environments – Minecraft is enjoyed by over 125 million people every month.

Other categories of games can loosely be described as RTS too. Poker, for example, blends a synergy of strategy and luck, while the same can be said for blackjack – you can increase your chances of winning more hands by playing ‘correctly’. Many of these games can now be played on smartphones, as many casino operators offer apps. Players will look for online casinos list legal in New Jersey to find live dealer games to test their poker skills in a competitive environment, testing your strategic thinking skills without the risk.

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game

Even those with a passing interest in gaming will have heard of Fortnite and Call of Duty, which are titles that fit into the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Game genre – or MOBA for short.

Another famous hotbed of eSports action, MOBA titles set players loose in a huge, open-world environment and hand them a simple mission – it could be to wipe out the opposition, defend a base, free hostages, and so much more.

Massively Multiplayer Online Game

Take your MOBA games and then increase the scale by a hundred-fold or more – you’ve got yourself some Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMO) action!

The scale of MMO games is unbelievable, with thousands of players around the world frequenting the lobbies of Dota 2, League of Legends, Apex Warriors, and more.

As we said, gamers have never had things so good… it’s exciting to think of what the future of gaming could be.

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