8 Powerful Reasons You Need to Use Video Marketing

The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. While the idea behind this idea is accurate, we cannot neglect the fact that the entire populace is now at a point where you might as well give into buying anything if the advertisement is, indeed, good enough. Over the past two years, the marketing industry has revolutionized itself, revealing the many limitations to traditional marketing.

However, one of them seems to not only have waded through the tricky waters but also thrived and shown strength during such an adverse period. Video marketing, easily one the most effective mode of advertising currently, has gained momentum like no other method. Wyzowl statistics state that 86% of businesses have added video marketing to their set in 2021 alone. Out of which, 82% strongly back the idea of video marketing being an extremely efficient marketing source.

Want more than just numbers and statistics? We got you. Listed below are some of the top reasons that prove how Video Marketing is leading the marketing domain.

Influx of Money

An analysis reported a growth of about 80% in conversion rates with the addition of a simple product video on the landing page. Our brain gets better input when information is received visually. So it only makes sense that a video makes the consumer more attracted to a product than hearsay. Hence, sales will soar. A video explaining the product is more likely to catch attention than a simple textual instruction manual.

Excellent Return on Investment

One might be skeptical about getting into video marketing as it doesn’t come cheap, nor with ease.

Well, that doesn’t have to be the case anymore; with the increasing number of affordable online video editor tools improving with time, video marketing is a guaranteed winner in terms of ROI. Creators can make content out of their mobiles phones too, which pretty much negates the only downsides there were to video marketing.

More Shares, More Fame

Social media is undoubtedly a catalyst for brand growth. A video that is simply interesting to watch gets shared multiple times, which ensures awareness of the brand. Several organizations have switched their time and energy into video marketing-based advertising for the exact reason. The power of social media, when put into use effectively, can generate heavy traffic to not only the product websites but also the social media handles, which can only ensure better gains.

Generate a Loyal Customer Base

We have all, at some point, hummed to some song from an old advertisement or felt happy or sad while watching one. You might even notice that half the advertisements are of products you are loyal to. This is our brain working the way it is supposed to. We feel more attracted to a product when it has a memory or emotion attached. Moreover, using an already generated loyal fanbase can also help boost sales- streamers or influencers involved in the video or its promotion will incite their fanbase to trust the product.

Be Shown on Top Search Engines

Let us give you a simple fact. You are 53 times more likely to show up on Google if your website includes a video. The logic behind it is simple. Viewing videos increase the time spent by the visitors on the website. This indicates that your site has good content, resulting in better exposure to the search engine. What also needs to be taken into consideration is that Google is synonymous with the internet. So any determining factor for exposure can strictly not be neglected.

Get the Lazy Ones Engaged

Ask yourself a simple question for an average lazy customer, which seems easier, a video that describes everything in a fun and appealing way, or a lofty manual that requires a 10-minute read. It is easy to presume that one would choose the latter. Traditional advertising relies significantly on the condition that people go outside, ultimately seeing banners or such is a big downside and highlights the importance of using video marketing.

The fast lifestyle of the current generation is also a factor that makes video marketing a much more superior alternative to other methods.

Mobile Users Prefer Videos

Everyone is always on-the-go, and the only thing keeping them connected is their mobile phones. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the best way possible to reach across to that section of the audience, which is arguably the majority too. Videos are usually optimized for viewing on any device and go hand in hand with mobile viewers, and Youtube reports a staggering 100% increase in mobile video consumers every year! To add, Google states that mobile users are more likely to feel a better connection to the brand or advertisement in question than TV or Laptop/Desktop viewers.

Precise explanation and understanding

A video can describe anything better. In the form of a step-by-step procedure involving a real-life scenario or a whole story surrounding the concept in question, a video can do it all. “Nothing sticks in your head better than a story. Stories can express the most complicated ideas in the most digestible ways” as put perfectly by Sam Balter- Sr. Marketing Manager at HubSpot, video marketing can change the entire approach towards explanation, promotion, or anything similar.

A catchy storyline also makes the consumer think that the advertisement is a relatable situation and will help generate more liking towards the product or brand.

It is evident that video marketing has already taken over the marketing industry and is only going to grow hereon. With affordable and easy-to-use applications and software for creating and editing videos, the competition amongst brands is gaining momentum. With more and more technological advancements, the quality and interface of these software and applications or the industry as a whole is changing day by day.

Good videos stack up views and get applauded in huge numbers. It does finally come down to the question. To get in the game and do marketing the right way or stick to the old methods and wait for a retro miracle!

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