6 Ways to Avoid Computer Eye Strain and Achieve Good Eye Health

Technological advance has made it almost impossible for people to avoid being on their screens, whether computers or phones. Besides, with the modern working environment, it is the computers nowadays recommended for increased productivity. As a result, most people spend most of their day staring at screens when at work and when they get home, turn to television viewing as a form of entertainment.

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It is no wonder most people, especially office workers, complain of eye health issues such as eye strain. However, people fail to understand that the condition results from excessive screen time since your eyes are forced to work harder than usual. As a result, people complaining of eye strain issues will always experience several symptoms, including eye discomfort, dry and irritated eyes. However, all is not lost since there are many ways to achieve good eye health. Below are some of these ways.

1. Regular Eye Check-Ups

If you are one to use your screen most of your time, you may need to have your eyes examined every once in a while. Regular eye tests can detect any problems that may later form and affect your vision. You may need to be open with your doctor when you go for such tests by telling them your screen time frequency and the distance between you and your screen. In most cases, the doctor may have to examine your eyes using an ophthalmoscope since they are the primary eye test equipment. You should also have your regular check-up to see if your eyeglasses or contact lens from contactlenses.co.uk have expired or need changing. 

2. Take Screen Breaks

Although this may not be practical, especially if you have a hectic job, it is essential. By taking the breaks from your screen every once in a while, you give your eyes time to rest. Nowadays, most employers are implementing flexibility in the workplace. Studies have shown that business productivity is bound to shoot up if employee well-being is put into consideration. Therefore, you should take advantage of the work breaks you have and focus on things other than your screen.

3. Have Reduced Glare

One of the leading causes of eye strains resulting from long screen use is glare. The glare effect gets mitigated when you monitor the lighting of the spaces you use your screens. However, when the lighting is too dim, you may strain when using your computer, and as such, you may need to increase room brightness. The device from the light and from the room you are in must correspond to avoid eye fatigue. You can also consider adding an anti-glare screen filter on your screens or have lenses with anti-reflective coatings for your glasses.

4. Conduct Regular Eye Exercise

Eye strain results from over-focusing on your screen, which ends up causing your eyes to be tired. As a result, exercising your eyes now and then can mitigate fatigue and hydrate your eyes. One of the recommended eye exercises is the 20-20-20 rule which entails avoiding screen time for 20 minutes while focusing it on something that is approximately 20 feet away for about 20seconds. The distance compels your eyes to be relaxed and hence alleviates any fatigue. You can also consider blinking now and again when staring at your screen. Most people never realize this, but blinking frequency tends to fade when your eyes focus on a screen. In addition, blinking moistens your eyes regularly, hence, hydrating your eyes.

5. Have Upgraded Screen Display Settings

It is common knowledge that when texts on your screen have a larger font, the strain in your eyes reduces. You can also ensure that your screen flickering reduces to minimal or zero, and this is possible when you increase the refresh rate on your device. You can also achieve an eye-friendly screen when you have the screen color level shifted to the yellow end, softer and more accessible for your eyes to accommodate.

6. Give Your Eyes Some Space

Another leading cause of eye strain issues is the proximity between you and your computer. Therefore, it is recommended that you give your eyes space that is enough for you to read and protect you from eye strain whenever you are in front of a screen.

All in all, the use of devices that glue us to the screen is not going away any time soon. If anything, it is what the modern world now embraces. However, you can protect your eye health when you take heed of the above tips.

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