Dealing With PTSD as A Veteran

It’s unfortunate how many soldiers come back home, only to be haunted by the events that went on in the battlefield. They struggle to process some events of what happened, which can make it very challenging for them to live a healthy life.


If you always feel like you’re on the edge of a breakdown, emotionally numb, disconnected, or scared, then you most likely suffer from PTSD. While it can be a long and hard journey to get back to normal, these three ways can help you start.

Open Up

You need to open about what happened out there.

You can tell your partner, sibling, or parent about it. If you have a best friend who is trustworthy, then try telling them. Merely opening up can be vital to recovery.

You can also engage in an anonymous discourse online. Writing everything down will make you feel better, and telling it to the world as a John Doe can be very helpful.

Keep Yourself Busy

You need to engage in hobbies and activities that make you happy. It could be exercising, travelling, gardening, spending time with family, or anything else that brings you joy.

You should also spend time working, as it can take your mind away from whatever that is troubling you.

Join Your Fellows in a PTSD Veteran Group

You can look around for a PTSD support group specifically for veterans. Listening to others sharing their experiences, and doing the same yourself, can be very beneficial in becoming better. They can give you useful tips and help you cope with the symptoms. Eventually leading to recovery.

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