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A Beginner’s SEO Guide for Instagram

Not everyone is aware of the fact that their Instagram’s reach and other metrics are influenced by SEO. Search engines are responsible for pushing online traffic to several social media platforms. The search engine for Instagram works differently. Instagram will block the search engine from performing any categorization on the images.


The Instagram profile can be indexed, but one cannot do anything about the images, which makes it challenging for Instagram. If you are someone who is trying to figure out how to perform SEO on Instagram and gain optimum results, then here are some techniques that you need to apply.

SEO Techniques for Instagram

  • Link Instagram: While promoting the business on the Instagram platform one needs to perform different types of advertisements. The first thing that you need to do is link the Instagram profile with other accounts on social media like Twitter, Facebook etc. It will help in cross-contaminating the media platform with events, special announcements, and ads related to your brand. Make sure you are sharing the same feed on your other social network as well.
  • Change Location and URL: While uploading any content on Instagram, try to change the location and URL. One can call it as a bond or call to action between ROI and customers. It will help in leading people to various promotional articles and product page. Inventive location helps in grabbing attention.
  • Optimize The Photos: In this visual platform, the quality and type of photo will determine the popularity and SEO success. The content which one will post on Instagram should be distinguishable. There is a feature of image recognition that will help in classifying photos, depending on their content.

Use this feature so that users who have an interest in similar kind of photos or content will reach out for your account.

  • Image Captions: Always take a moment before posting on social media like Instagram. The caption must be appropriate with the brand or photo; otherwise, the search engine will not be able to index your profile correctly. Always check whether that title tag is cutting off or not.
  • Quality Hashtags: Hashtags help in exposing the Instagram account to a broader audience. Try to use qualitative and relevant hashtags for promoting your brand among people who share the same goals and interest.

To find the best hashtag you need to do some brainstorming, but you can also search for some popular hashtags that will go well with your niche.

  • Run Contest: If you want to grow the follower base, then you can run some contest or campaigns to attract more followers. In the contest, you can offer some giveaways that will attract more traffic.

If you are running a brand, then you can send your products to them. In this way, it will help in increasing engagement and at the same time if your product is good, then you have secured yourself some loyal customers.

  • Engagement: Even if you try all the new techniques to optimize your Instagram still, it can become a dead account if your Instagram lacks engagement. You need to connect with your followers and regularly post contents. You can also comment on other Instagram accounts, and it will help in redirecting more traffic.

According to Huffpost.com, there are near about 500 millions of active users every month, and on an everyday basis, 95 millions of content are published on Instagram.

  • Buy Followers: Nowadays, to get more brands to collaborate with you or spread awareness about your brand, you can buy Instagram followers and likes. It is essential to buy them because numbers determine credibility in the world of social media. Moreover, you will get organic followers and not any dead accounts. Apart from that, you always need to implement SEO techniques if you want exponential growth in your followers.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Instagram Is Not Cohesive: To increase Instagram engagement, one needs to create cohesive fields and be logical with timing, hashtags, captions and visual concept.

Consistency cannot be achieved overnight, so you need time to think about the tags, caption, layout style, and try to post frequently. People make mistakes of uploading posts that are not related to their brand or business.

  • Unsearchable Username: The username on Instagram should be distinctive, readable and short. Do not include irrelevant symbols. While writing the username always use the language which the target audience will frequently use.
  • Not Including Keywords In The Bio: Including keywords in the bio is an essential part of SEO strategy on Instagram. Bio is the perfect place when you need to place the relevant keywords.

Place primary and secondary keywords in the bio but avoid overwhelming it. The bio helps potential followers and audience to find you.


These are some dos and don’ts that you need to keep in mind if you are doing Instagram SEO the first time. The results of SEO are visible in the long run, so you need to have the patience to see noticeable results.

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