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The Best Cable TV Provider in the US

TV watching habits are changing swiftly, but Cable TV somehow manages to take the spot for being more reliable when compared to other alternatives available out there. We all have tasted the frustration of waiting for a season to stop buffering or a satellite dish to be a little less finicky. While comparing and choosing between multiple cable providers is a lot like comparing Coke to Pepsi, only the true connoisseurs can tell the difference. However, I have taken the labor to sort this one for you.

Cable TV

What follows is the list of reasons that make cox cable tv, one of the best in the US. In short, this is the provider that won’t disrupt the game night, news or your favorite season finale for one.

A Quick Overview

  • Cox is effectively available in almost 18 states including California, Arizona, and Virginia
  • Cox has basic TV packages starting as low as $25
  • Channel line-up starting at 75+ going up to 140+
  • 2 years contract needed
  • Lesser instances of price hikes


The provider effectively delivers its internet, phone and cox cable deals in specific areas across 18 states. The states include Nebraska, Louisiana, Ohio, Virginia, Arizona, Florida, California, and others with Arizona, California, and Virginia being the top service areas for Cox cable TV.  So, if you are a resident of any of them, well, call yourself lucky!

TV Service Overview

You get the best quality of entertainment you want from Cox TV. You can step-up your plan to access extra channels, including premium ones, and customize your channel line-up with add-ons, sports packs, and more. Cox cable services allow you to have the best tv experience at an excellent price. From children-only channels to seasonal sports runs, you can tailor your TV channel line-up to the viewing habits of your family. Some of the most attractive features include:

  • Two different TV package options to choose from
  • Channels starting from 75 to as many as 140
  • Affordable monthly charges ranging from $25 to $69.99
  • DVRs capable of recording 2 to 6 shows at the same time
  • 2 Year Service Contract needed

Cox Starter TV

The starter TV package is rather a bare-bones one with only a very basic selection of TV channels costing you 25 bucks with 75+ channels on offer.

Contour TV Package

The other standalone TV plan offers 140+ channels at $69.99 where you can set DVR recordings remotely. Besides, Cox On Demand lets you stream your favorite TV shows and seasons.

Value for Money

Cox’s TV and Internet plan prices work closely with other service providers and offer a decent value for money if no exceptional. However, the prices initially quoted are suitable for 12 months and usually, go up after that, but there are a couple of ways to finagle is beyond the introductory period.

Internet Service

Cox offers a two internet-only plan to keep things simple for the customer. The Cox Ultimate internet plan includes a connection with download speeds up to 300Mbps, connects 5+ devices, free Wi-Fi hotspots, free HD video streaming, and zero data caps, all of this costing $79.99 per month. While offering gigabit speeds in select areas, check yours here. However,  the more straightforward Cox Internet Essential 30 plan provides download speeds up to 30 Mbps perfect for home-based users.

The best part about Cox is that all of its packages have 1TB data caps, thus bringing limitless entertainment and information to your disposal.  ⠀

One Piece of Advice

Cox has yet to work on its technical support department, which is quite costly. It isn’t the best one as far as extensive channel count is concerned. And the two-year service contract is a turn-off for some potential subscribers, but once you put your trust in them, they don’t usually let you down. On a brighter note, Cox is working to amend this one problem. One step at a time.

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